Yesstyle Return Policy 2022- [A Foolproof Guide]

Jun 29, 2022   |   5 min read


Yesstyle Return Policy 2022- [A Foolproof Guide]


Wanted to learn a foolproof YesStyle return policy? Here we have all the things you must have to understand. You know what? It is not always the case that we like the items we purchase. You may change your mind at any time, or the product may be different from what you bought. Have you purchased any fashion items or jewelry from YesStyle and discovered that they do not suit you? Don't worry, the YesStyle return policy is rather generous, although there are certain restrictions.

If this has happened to you while shopping at YesStyle, please continue reading to discover more about the YesStyle return policy. You may easily return your order for a refund or exchange. To make a successful return, you simply need to follow a few processes and account for a few deviations.

You will be informed of YesStyle's refund policy. So you may be brave and try those lovely things knowing that you can always return them if they are unsatisfactory. So let's check out the complete YesStyle return policy.

YesStyle At a Glance

Wondering, Is YesStyle fast fashion Brand, OR Is YesStyle ethical Brand? So, As You have already heard, YesStyle is an online retailer of fashion and cosmetics. The website was founded in 2006 by Joshua k. Lau. owns the firm. It is available in more than 200 countries throughout the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. YesStyle is a Hong Kong-based company that offers styles and brands from all across Asia. You can use the YesStyle rewards code for getting ultimate rewards.

YesStyle Return Policy in Detail

All clients must request a return within 14 days after receiving their product, according to the YesStyle return policy. Because you may only return things online, you must get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. After that, you will have another 30 days to mail your return item. It is normally advised to return the item as soon as possible and in its original condition, with all tags intact. They have a 3.6 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot. Some negative feedback complains about orders taking too long to arrive. This has been my experience a few times. It might take up to a month for an order to be sent.

YesStyle is a reputable firm, in my opinion, however, if you need anything soon, go elsewhere. Plan ahead of time if you need a gift or an outfit for a particular event, such as Christmas or a birthday. Please contact customer service to get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). It is necessary to indicate if the return is for:

  • Replacement of Defective Items
  • Size switching
  • Unwanted or Unopened Item Return
  • Defective Item Repair

Customers must pay to return undesired or incorrectly sized merchandise. YesStyle pays for return shipping for legitimate defective claims. When swapping sizes, customers are liable for the return freight expenses. YesStyle will pay for sending the replacement. They do not take liability for returned items that are lost in transit.

How Do I Return an Online YesStyle Product?

As previously indicated, you must first get an RMA number before returning your products online. This number will be produced just for you. Returns must be requested within 14 days after receiving your products. After getting your RMA number, you will have an extra 30 days to deliver the product. Any later might jeopardize your return procedure.

Here's how to obtain your RMA number:

  • YesStyle Login Page
  • Please access your YesStyle account.
  • Your order may be found in "my orders."
  • "Start a return request" should be selected.
  • After that, you will be given an RMA number.

This is how you get your RMA number online; you may also phone their customer service. You must send them an email with the specifics of your order.

Are Yesstyle Returns Free?

Yes, Yesstyle accepts free returns. They do, however, set a deadline in order to speed up the process. In essence, it is free, but you must return it within the specified timeframe. It usually takes 7 days. Make use of a strong container. On their Return page, they state, "YesStyle will not be responsible if return shipments are lost during return transit."

Don't make the same mistake as others and return a damaged box. The last thing you want is for your money to disappear. Returning to Yesstyle is, in general, a very simple and straightforward process. There are no high walls to scale, and the customer service is outstanding.

By far the best customer service of any Korean skincare store is provided by Yesstyle. They typically respond within 12 hours, which is lightning fast. Don't waste your time looking for other skincare stores when this one is dependable. Never worry about losing money again during a return.

Shipping Policy for YesStyle Returns

The following guidelines for returning items are established by the YesStyle return policy:

  • The company is not responsible for items that are lost during return shipping.
  • Size exchanges, unopened or unwanted returns, and size exchanges must be shipped at your expense.
  • Handling and shipping fees, as well as discounts from original delivery coupons, are non-refundable.
  • If a defective item is sent, the merchant will pay for the return shipping costs. Send the product via Registered or Regular Air Mail to take advantage of this benefit.

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YesStyle Return Policy- Excluded Items

You should be aware of the return exceptions when returning an item from YesStyle. These exceptions could be game-changers, and being aware of them can save you time. Also, knowing this ahead of time can have a different impact on your decision to purchase the item. Earrings, Promotional items such as "buy one, get one free". Swimwear, innerwear, earrings, hair wigs, and costumes are examples of items with hygiene concerns.

Returns will be denied if they lack tags or are not in their original condition. Shipping and handling fees will not be refunded. Replacement items will only be shipped via standard delivery. These exceptions should help anyone looking to make a profit. If a customer returns frequently, the inspection will become more serious, and a sign of policy abuse may result in a declining customer return, according to the YesStyle return policy.

On Summing up, The YesStyle return policy guide will come in handy if you need to return something. The guide will ensure that you arrive on time. If you have a product that falls under an exception, it will also save you time. Please leave any additional questions in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our return locations are unable to accept drop-off returns, despite our best efforts to make arrangements more convenient for customers. Customers should mail items to the specified address with a tracking number to better track the status of their return.

You must contact customer service and provide the necessary information if you want a refund on a specific account.

If your returned items are defective, we will gladly refund your return shipping cost in YesStyle Credit if you used Air Mail or Registered Mail. We cannot, however, arrange for return shipping refunds or size exchange returns.

It is unlikely, but if it occurs, contact customer service and provide them with the tracking id and courier service company name.