YouTube Premium Family Plan Benefits, Cost, Setup, And Many More

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YouTube Premium Family Plan Benefits, Cost, Setup, And Many More

The youtube premium family plan has been around for a long, despite the fact that it was first introduced in 2014 under the name Music Key and initially concentrated on music videos. YouTube Music and YouTube Red, two extensions of Google's subscription services, added access to YouTube Originals and ad-free video streaming to their repertoire. YouTube Premium now features YouTube Music, which is still available for purchase separately, in place of YouTube Red.

You know what? The entire family can use YouTube Premium with a few restrictions, and adding and removing members from the streaming subscription is quite easy. Whether the cost is split up or one person pays, it's nice to be able to get more value out of a subscription by allowing others to join in and enjoy the advantages.

In this article, we'll go over the benefits of the youtube family plan, how to create a YouTube Premium Family account and how to manage your family members after you've created a family group. This information is applicable to YouTube Premium Family in a web browser, iOS, and Android devices.

There are many more knowledgable things waiting for you in this article, so let's start reading before getting into the youtube tv family plan.



The video giant introduced a program called YouTube Premium, formerly known as YouTube Red, which offers new features in exchange for a monthly fee. You can access YouTube and its more sophisticated features if you sign up for a YouTube Premium membership:

  • watching countless videos without commercials.
  • Your preferred device should be used to download and save your favorite videos so you can watch them offline.
  • Reproducing movies in the background allows you to use other apps or have your screen off while reproduction is still going on.

You may use YouTube Premium to access the new app as well:

  • to browse and ad-free listening to millions of music.
  • to download your music, store it in the app, and enjoy it while you're not connected.
  • to playback songs in the background while using other apps without pausing the music.

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You must be aware of what YouTube Premium offers and how it differs from the free version if you are really considering purchasing it. Perks to activate this premium membership include the following:

No More Ads

No More Ads

One of the main ways that YouTube generates revenue is through advertising. The truth is that they have the power to annoy you and interrupt you at an important scene in the movie you're watching. This is done with YouTube Premium once you log in to the device to watch the video. There won't be any ads or overlays at the beginning or in the middle of the film. neither outdoor signs.

Offline Mode

Offline Mode

How many times have you tried to watch a video on YouTube but your Internet connection was slow or your bandwidth was limited? One of the main advantages of YouTube Premium is the capability to save movies for later viewing, whether or not you have an Internet connection. Only the mobile application has access to this feature; the PC application does not.

Due to partner or territorial restrictions, not all videos can be downloaded. Additionally, you need to be connected to your account in order to download the content.

At Once, Everything

At Once, Everything

You receive a WhatsApp message or a notification that you need to respond to while watching a video or listening to music. You no longer have a chance. YouTube Premium has a feature called "Play in the background" that allows you to keep watching YouTube videos or listening to music while using other apps on your phone.

There Must Be More Music

There Must Be More Music

You can access YouTube Music Premium if you have a YouTube Premium subscription. You can choose to listen to songs without commercials, download them to listen to them offline, play them in the background, or enable the audio mode, which enables you to only listen to music without playing the video and uses fewer data.

Youtube For Kids

Youtube For Kids

YouTube Kids, the platform's children's version, features content that has been specifically selected for children as well as parental settings and a video filter. The Premium option is another option. If you buy this membership, you'll be able to watch these films without a connection to the Internet and without any background commercials.

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You have the option to subscribe to YouTube Premium as an individual or a family. The first choice, which is best for a single user, costs 9,99 euros per month. On the other hand, the family plan, which costs 11,99 euros a month, enables up to five members of the same home to take advantage of the benefits. YouTube provides this audience with the Premium plan at a lower cost in order to aid in the growth of students. Students who can show proof of their enrollment in an educational institution pay 6,99 euros a month annually. But you can only utilize this kind of membership for four years.

You can easily cancel your subscription to the service on your profile if, after a specified amount of time, you decide not to continue using the Premium service. It does not need to wait a predetermined number of months before canceling; you can do it whenever you like.


How can I sign up for YouTube Premium Family?


It takes only a moment to sign up for YouTube Premium. Here is a step-by-step breakdown in detail:

  • having access to the YouTube platform;
  • Enter your username and password to sign into your Google account;
  • Click on your profile picture in the right area of the YouTube page.
  • From the menu, choose "Purchases and Subscriptions";
  • Just underneath the "YouTube" Premium" option, select the "More details" link.
  • Click "Free Trial" to take advantage of the trial period;
  • type the data the platform demands carefully, then hit "confirm";
  • Fill in your address information, then continue;
  • After accurately entering your credit card details, click "Buy".
  • Selecting Done completes the procedure.
  • Clever. As a YouTube Premium subscriber right now, you may watch videos without commercial breaks and share this perk with your family in addition to others.

Important Information About The Youtube Family Plan

Before we explain how to add or remove family members, there are a few important points you need to be aware of. You may be sure that you are making the most of the tool and the advantages YouTube has to offer by performing the following:

  • Members of a YouTube Premium family group must share a residence with the plan administrator;
  • In order to join another family group, one must wait a full year after leaving the previous one. The administrator must be at least 18 years old.
  • The group's participants must be older than 13;
  • When you register as a family to use the premium services, everyone in the group will have access to your address and photo.

How to Manage Sharing on YouTube Family Premium

Even if you are prompted to do so when you initially set up your Family Sharing Group on YouTube Premium, you can always add and delete family members.

It is possible to change your YouTube Premium Family Members, but you can only do it once a year (per family member). Keep such limitations in mind if you decide to move people about.

After logging in, select the Profile button in the top right corner of YouTube Premium. The option that appears lets you choose Paid subscriptions. You could also open a browser and sign in to Google before going to memberships.

On the Memberships tab, select Manage Membership. where you may manage your YouTube Premium subscriptions. In the pop-up menu, click Edit next to Family sharing settings. The members' page appears. Use the Plus symbol to include a new family member. A current family member's name can also be selected to remove them from your Family Group.

How To Delete Members From Youtube Tv Family Plan

As a YouTube Premium family manager, you can add five people to your family group, but you might wish to take one of them out for a variety of reasons. Because the person has moved to a new home or because you are no longer directly related to them, you might want to remove the benefit.

  • Both steps are fairly straightforward, and you may add and remove members of your YouTube family group with equal ease.
  • As an administrator, you must perform the following procedures in order to delete members:
  • To access your YouTube subscription, please log in to your Google account;
  • visit YouTube and choose your profile picture;
  • From the menu, choose "Purchases and Subscriptions";
  • After choosing your signature, click "Edit" next to the choices for the family group;
  • Choose the member's name from the list of those you want to remove;
  • Click "Remove member" to confirm the action.
  • Member removed after process is finished.



You are prepared for the new era of online digital membership to YouTube Premium if you enjoy watching movies and TV shows as well as listening to music and attending concerts. You may split the cost and save more than 80% with the YouTube Premium Family package.

Instead of $17.99 per month, Youtube Premium Family will now just cost $3.99. Calculate the cost over a 12-month period to see how much you could save. How? Of course with Together Price!

Youtube Premium Student Discount

Youtube Premium Student Discount

If they attend an eligible higher education institution in the United States or more than 60 other countries, students can sign up for a YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium account discount. YouTube Originals and an ad-free version of the site are both available to premium subscribers. If you’re in full-time higher education, you should qualify for the YouTube Premium Student plan, which reduces the cost by nearly half to £6.99/$6.99 per month.

What Happens When You Finish School?

To validate your status as a student, you must provide a working email address from your educational institution, scans of your student ID, and maybe a letter of enrollment confirmation. Your account will revert to the standard YouTube Premium if you don't provide a new verification for each additional year of your subscription (up to a total of four).

Only students at approved institutions are eligible for the YouTube Premium Student discount, which has a maximum duration of four years. Your discount will end whichever occurs first—graduation or four years of college.

You must confirm your student status with YouTube once a year by going through the procedure described above. If you decide that you are no longer eligible, you can choose to cancel your subscription or pay the full cost for a premium account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the family plan for YouTube Premium work?

A YouTube family plan allows you to share your paid subscription with up to 5 family members who dwell in the same house (residential address). As the account holder or family manager, you'll create a Google family group.

Can a YouTube family plan be shared?

You may share your membership with an additional 5 family members that reside in your household. If you're a family member, you can join a family group to share a YouTube family plan.

What makes YouTube Family different from YouTube Premium?

A family plan is $17.99 per month, compared to $11.99 for a single plan. The family plan includes six people in total—you and up to five others. Here are some more specifics about YouTube Premium. YouTube Music is the odd one out in the family.

Is it possible to utilize YouTube TV in two places?

Can you get YouTube TV from different places? You can watch YouTube TV in various places, yes. To view your local networks, you must log in to your Home Area at least once every three months.

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