What Are Your Plans for Halloween? Try Out These Creative Ideas!

Oct 25, 2021   |   5 read


What Are Your Plans for Halloween? Try Out These Creative Ideas!

Every year Halloween comes with the spooky filled fun we all love to indulge in. But some people prefer to take things out of the box. If you want to be one of those people, then keep reading this blog. Because we are tired of the same old traditions as well. Let us do something new and creative for a change. Shall we?

1.Design Your Event

If you want to be creative, you can throw your own party so that you are in charge of the rules. Next, you can throw a murder mystery party to fit the Halloween trends and design your own event. If you want to go a little overboard, then you can even plan a scavenger hunt. Doesn’t hurt to find little candies everywhere, right?

2.Make Halloween Themed Food

You cannot go wrong with food. If you want to be creative, put it on the table. Not only everyone will enjoy it, but you will be stuffed with food enough to watch a spooky movie to end the day.

3.Decorate Your House

Spend time decorating the house and see what it will look like near the end of the special day. You can take help from the kids too. Design slime and put it up at various places, make a candy tower, dress up your garden and backyard too, go crazy on the costumes, and put up scary action figures too!

4.Do a Photoshoot

If you have dressed up nice and well, then go to a corn maze or a pumpkin patch and do a photoshoot. You can take all kinds of aesthetic pictures with candies, accessories, and costumes you have planned for the day. The location will be perfect, and the dressed-up family will be a fancy touch to the Instagram feed you will be updating soon!
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5.Scary Stories and Movies

You can put up a bonfire at night and have a little time outdoors. The chilly October wind combined with the scary stories and marshmallows in hand will be a perfect end to the evening. Or you can do a movie marathon if the outdoors seems like a bad idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best Halloween Food?

Pumpkin is a biased answer. The answer, however, has to be the Halloween themed desserts like witch cupcakes, themed cakes, or scary cake pops.

2. Are There Any Halloween Games That I Can Play?

Yes, of course. There is bingo, Halloween tic tac toe where the stones are painted by you, stick puppets or scavenger hunts.

3. How Expensive are The Costumes?

They range in prices and can be both expensive and cheap depending upon your budget. But if you cannot fit the costumes in your savings, then you can use the coupons and promo codes to get a discount on your order. They are available at MySavingHub.

4. What Are Some Scary Movies That I Can Watch?

You can watch the IT, Conjuring or go to the classics section and watch the Saw. If you want a less scary night, then watch the Paranormal Activity. There are a bunch of options available for your ease.

5. How Expensive it is to Throw a Party?

You can throw a small or a big party depending upon your budget. If you want lower prices, you can get amazing deals at various shops. Or even design your own decorations to mix the party up.

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