How Expensive is Take 5 Oil Change – A Quick Guide

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How Expensive is Take 5 Oil Change – A Quick Guide

Every driver wants to ensure the smooth running of a car, but it seems difficult if you don’t focus on the right oil change service at the right time. The significance of oil change affects the health of the vehicle. Ideally, focusing on these things can benefit your vehicle in several ways. But, the question that comes to your mind is, How Expensive is Take 5 Oil Change. As we all know, Take 5 is a famous name, when we are searching for the best oil change.

In this blog, we will share everything you need to know about the prices of Take 5 and why it’s expensive or not. By reading this guide, you will find it quite possible to ensure the longevity of your vehicle and enjoy a smooth ride every time you go outside with your family. Friends or anyone else.

How Expensive is Take 5 Oil Change

For each quart of different oil types, the actual cost of an oil change is usually between $5.97 and $9.97. Depending on your location, these prices may vary. However, you should expect to pay $7 to have your vehicle's oil changed by a professional.

Take a look at the chart below

Type Of Oil Change

Price Per Quarts Of Oil

Conventional oil


Synthetic blend


High mileage




Mobil 1



Moreover, for standard oil changes, the Take 5, offers additional services that allow you to keep your car running smoothly. The services include air filter replacement, tire rotations, and battery replacement. In simple words, you will find everything under one roof, if you choose Take 5 at your side. All you need to do is, trust them and see how professionals got you covered at every level.

Why Is Take 5 Oil Change So Expensive?

Take 5 Oil takes pride in offering the best services, but still, many customers are facing budget issues and think Why Is Take 5 Oil Change So Expensive? Well, it’s not wrong that the prices are higher than other providers due to authentic reasons. First of all, they’re committed to maintaining quality while focusing on convenience and other important factors.  That’s why, the money you will invest will be 100% worth it. The results will definitely make you feel good.

Does Take 5 Do Synthetic Oil Change?

Synthetic Oil Change is one of the best types of oil that is exclusively offered by Take 5. No doubt, every engine has unique needs, and at take 5, they’re committed to focusing on each detail. Synthetic oil offers the best level of protection to the machine and engine. It’s one of the ideal types of oil, you should look into.

Take 5 Oil Change Prices

Many customers are searching for Take 5 Oil Change Prices. Well, there’s a variety of oil change options available at Take 5. You should take a look at any one of them that completely fits your requirements. As we discussed above, the prices may vary on the location and other important factors. But, the prices as per quarts are listed below, take a look

Oil Change Type

Price Per 5 Quarts

5 Minute Oil Change Prices Conventional


Castrol GTX Ultra Clean


Castrol GTX High Mileage Price


Castrol GTX Magnatec Price (Blend)


Castrol Edge Extended Performance (Synthetic)


Castrol Edge (Synthetic)



What are the Services, You Will Find at Take 5?

Finding each service in just one place is what customers make happy. But, there’s something more than that for every customer at Take 5. Their commitment to quality is what makes you satisfied. No matter whether you’re searching for an oil change service or a free air filter replacement, this place got you covered.

  • Stay In Your Car
  • Great Service
  • No Appointment Needed
  • Oil Change Service
  • Automatic Transmission Inspection
  • Free Air Filter Replacement
  • Free Radiator inspection
  • Wiper Blades Check-up and Replacement
  • Fast and Friendly
  • Diverse variety of Service
  • Best Quality Of Service
  • Available in all Locations
  • Full Convenience

What are the Types of Oil, You Will Find at Take 5

There’s a variety of oils, you will find it Take 5. But, you can choose any of them that your car needs. Take a look below to learn more about the types of oil available at Take 5.

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is collected from fossil oils that are 100% free from chemicals. This oil is made up of natural materials that make it more expensive than others. You will learn more about this oil by getting connected with a professional.

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is a mixture of conventional and synthetic oils. This oil is good as an engine lubricant that positively affects the motor. As you know, the motor is the only thing that matters the most.

Full Synthetic

Every engine has unique needs, and at take 5, they’re committed to focusing on each detail. Synthetic oil offers the best level of protection to the machine and engine. It’s one of the ideal types of oil, you should look into.

High Mileage Oil

In this type of oil, additives help reduce oil burn-off and engine wear in engines with more than 75,000 miles. Well, High Mileage Oil is easily available in other service centers too. You will get connected with a professional and learn more about this specific type of oil.

100% Professional Technicians

At Take 5, you will expect results that go beyond your expectations. Once you go to the service center, you will see a team of 100% professional technicians who understand the requirements of your car. They share the suggestions and allow you to add anything else that positively affects the health of a car. As a newcomer, you can ask them about how much does a take 5 oil change cost. Get any service that comes under your budget and ensure the smooth running of your car.

Get Access to Take 5 Oil Change Coupon Now

If you’re someone, who is on tight budget issues and wants to find the best way to save money on Take 5, don’t need to search anymore. We’ve got a solution for you. Simply Choose a reliable site and get access to the Take 5 Oil Change Coupon. This coupon is enough to help you save money on your bill. Surprisingly, you can easily save up to 20% to 90%.

However, the activation of a discount code or promo code is essential. Unfortunately, if your code is expired, you will not allowed to avail discount. That’s why, we highly suggest you, get access to a valid and verified coupon code or promo code.

Follow the steps below to use Take 5 Oil Change Coupon

  1. Open any reputable site and jump to the deals page
  2. Now, get access to a coupon code or promo code
  3. Then, show your code to the service provider
  4. Once, everything is verified, you will get access to a discount of up to 80%.

How Can You Choose a Reliable Site For Getting Coupon Codes?

No doubt, there are a lot of scammers and fraudulent sites available on the internet. Unfortunately, if you trust anyone of them, you will end up losing both your time and money. Well, you can choose a good site by doing some research. Simply, you can search by writing coupon sites and reading customer reviews or ratings. Make a list of top-tier sites and then pick up any one of them. Ideally, by choosing a good site, you will find it possible to save money on all brands, stores, and much more.

Is There Any Cheapest Type Of Oil Change?

Yes, you will find the cheapest type of oil change at Take 5. Typically, a conventional oil change is one of the cost-effective options at Take 5. As you know, it’s the basic type of oil that comes with great benefits for the engine. However, it’s good for cars that don’t need synthetic oil.

How much is a Take 5 full synthetic oil change?

The standard price of Take 5, is $49.99. No doubt, this seems expensive when we are comparing to other providers. However, you will get a full synthetic oil change at the price of $79.99. This may seem higher, but the additional service got you covered. You will never be disappointed in paying money after watching the results.

It's important to consider more than just the price when comparing oil change providers. You should also compare what additional services are offered, how convenient they are, and how high their quality is.


Based on factors such as the type of oil selected and additional services required, Take 5 Oil Change costs vary. The prices for standard oil changes range from $41.93 to $84.99, depending on the type of oil and your car's requirements. Despite being perceived as relatively more expensive, Take 5 Oil Change takes pride in maintaining quality, providing convenience, and providing a range of additional services. That you will never find anywhere else.

As a one-stop shop for various automotive needs, Take 5 offers air filter replacement, tire rotations, and battery replacements. With no appointment needed and professional technicians on hand, their focus on customer satisfaction is evident. They understand the importance of customer satisfaction. However, you can enjoy savings of 20% to 90% are possible with Take 5 Oil Change coupons from reputable sites.

For the added value of comprehensive services and professional expertise, Take 5's full synthetic oil change may seem comparatively higher at $79.99. It is crucial to consider the quality, convenience, and range of services offered when choosing an oil change provider, not just the price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the most an oil change?

For each quart of different oil types, the actual cost of an oil change is usually between $5.97 and $9.97. Depending on your location, these prices may vary. However, you should expect to pay $7 to have your vehicle's oil changed by a professional.

What kind of oil does take 5 use?

At Take 5, they’re committed to offer 4 types of oil.

Should you change your oil every 5000?

Nowadays, most engines are recommended to have their oil changed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles with modern lubricants. However, there are a variety of lubricants available for your car at Take 5.

Is full synthetic oil better?

Yes, synthetic oil is stronger and more efficient. Furthermore, it will last longer, which means fewer oil changes. While synthetic blend oils are less expensive, they do not provide the same level of performance as full synthetic oils.

Does synthetic oil burn faster?

Synthetic oil will not burn faster than conventional oil. For further information, you can get connected with a professional technician. Ideally, if you’ve Take 5, you will find everything that your car needs.

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