Why Is Take 5 Oil Change So Expensive? Detailed Guide with Updated Price & Comparisons

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Why Is Take 5 Oil Change So Expensive? Detailed Guide with Updated Price & Comparisons

Keeping up with car maintenance is pretty much like going to the gym. You do not understand its importance and you are quite lazy to go through with it at first. But once you see its positive effects, you are hooked to it. Now, the only thing about car maintenance is that it has multiple components attached to it. The most frequent component that is part of our topic too, is the oil change.

Oil changes are an important part of car maintenance as it brings durability to your car’s performance. However, when you take a sneak peek into the oil change market, you will find yourself surprised. The prices for oil change vary from store to store. Some of the services are cheaper as compared to others. Similarly, Take 5 Oil is one of the pricier options in the market, making you hope for a take 5 oil change coupon.

But why are the rates for this brand especially hefty? Are there any alternatives that you can try? Well, you are in luck, because we will discuss all of this and more in this blog. So, let’s start!

How Much is an Oil Change at Take 5?

Before we get into the reasons why Take 5 costs so much, let’s see how much is take 5 oil change? Here is a brief run-down of the costs so you can get an idea of how its services puts up for your budget.

Different Oil Changing Services

Price Per Units of Oil

Conventional oil


Synthetic blend


High mileage




Mobil 1



As you can see here, the oil changing services at Take 5 use the price range of $5.97 to $9.97 on average. However, when it comes to the full price, the oil change may vary from $49.99 to $79.99 depending on the oil changing services you wish to purchase for your vehicle.

How Much is a Take 5 Full Synthetic Oil Change?

Many people are only interested in the synthetic oil change because of lesser impurities in the mix. This makes the oil run smoothly through the engine and brings a ratio of better energy efficiency for the vehicle. On top of that, they have a longer life allowing people to save up and only bring in the oil change when needed. This is why these prices might not interest you unless you are wondering, how much is a take 5 full synthetic oil change? Is it more expensive than the traditional oil change? How does Take 5 compete with the competitors when it comes to the synthetic oil change? Valid questions.

The average price of the synthetic blend is around $7.97 which is slightly pricier than the traditional oil change. However, it does come with its benefits. If you are wondering how the competitor prices align, keep reading.

How Do Competitors Price Their Oil Changing Services?

One more thing to discuss before we get to the key reasons is how the competitor prices put up against Take 5.


Standard Oil Change Price

Full Synthetic Oil Change Price

Take 5



Jiffy Lube













As you can see, synthetic oil changes are much costlier than conventional oil changing services. This is because of the demand for synthetic oil. However, you will find that Take 5 may have a higher price tag on the traditional oil services, but its synthetic oil changing services almost range in the middle. It is on the higher end of the price range but it does average out in the middle at the same time.

Now that you have seen how the prices are different from different brands, let’s get to why the Take 5 oil changing services can cost too much on your wallet.

8 Key Reasons Why Take 5 Oil is so Expensive?

Here are all the reasons that will convince you of the high rates stamped on the Take 5 oil changing services. Take a look at them to get a sense of satisfaction.

1.They Use Premium Oil Filters and High-Quality Oil

Do you know how the common saying goes? You are what you eat. Well, car maintenance is similar to that. You will find that the performance of your car depends highly on the oil that goes into your car. This is why Take 5 believes that they should only put in the oil that is of the highest quality. And as premium comes with a higher price, it is one of the most important reasons why the brand is so expensive.

Similarly, the filters used by the company are of top-notch quality too. Its primary purpose is to keep the oil flowing smoothly without the debris and dust that may catch into the oil.

It is not a bad thing either. A high-quality oil combined with premium filters is what keeps the oil running at a smooth rate. It prevents unnecessary friction and brings a solid foundation that is free of corrosion and tears.

2.Their Expert Team is Highly Qualified and Have Certified Training

High-quality services are useless if they are not handled by an expert team. Plus, when a customer hears that the team is certified to do a certain job, they are more likely to be purchasing the services.

That is another reason why the brand demands more money. They have put in the bucks to hire expert professionals who know how to do their jobs the best. You can rely on them to handle your vehicle with care which is one of the most valid concerns of a customer. Plus, these experts are certified and have received the necessary training which makes it a prime reason for the services being pricey.

3.They Have Advanced Facilities for the Services

Another thing that goes on in this premium combination is the highly advanced equipment used for the oil changing services. It ensures that the oil changing service you get for your vehicle is free of flaws and rusting that may infect the oil running through your car. Plus, it is robust, fast, and efficient.

With the company spending hundreds of dollars on this advanced technology, they are bound to price their rates higher and charge you extra dollar bills. This is why you might find their bills to be on the pricier end as compared with other oil changing services.

4.They Provide a Rigorous Inspection of Your Car

Another key factor that not only brings customers to their doors but also explains the high prices is the additional services you get from the company. You may be paying for an oil changing service but you are getting much more than just an oil change. The experts will run a detailed and thorough inspection of your vehicle to ensure there are not any faults within your vehicle.

They will go through this extra mile just so you do not hit a speed bump with your vehicle. This may be why the brand is charging you extra but it is enough to keep you satisfied that you are not just paying for the oil changing services.

5.Their Services are Fast

The best thing about their services is that they are as seamless as anyone would want in this era. These days, we have all the tasks in our hands and little to no time to complete them. This is why we are running around as stressed as we can be.

Luckily, the company recognizes that losing your time at an oil changing service can make a customer pretty unhappy. Hence, they ensure that you do not even have to step out of the vehicle. You will have an effective oil changing service running around the vehicle while you wait in the car. This is all possible thanks to their drive-through system available at almost all locations. This is why you pay the extra dollar bills because you are sitting in your car while the experts go around fixing the oil and providing a detailed inspection. Time is money, after all.

6.They Might Top You Off with Additional Services

When you run to a Take 5 location for an oil change, you will find that their branches are equipped with various other maintenance services. From tire rotation, tire maintenance, and replacing the wipers to fluid changing services and many more, you will find them providing quality services from certified professionals. But here is what you will get for free: a water check, a tire check, and a fluid top-off!

This is why you can hope to get all of the services done effectively from one place. However, it does mean that you have to pay extra dollar bills but the quantity comes with a price too, doesn’t it?

7.Their Marketing is Extensive and Engaging

You might have seen how invested Take 5 is in bringing in new customers. They try to advertise their services as much as they can. From providing discounts and offering new and cost-effective services to other promotions and strategies that might intrigue the customers. It is all part of their marketing campaign that requires the big bucks to be invested. Now, this may not be directly linked to you but the campaigns do cost a bit highly om the brands. This may be another reason why they are charging you extra too; to cover their costs of advertising and marketing.

But if you want to take a bonus out of these campaigns, you can seek discounts and online coupon codes that can help you cut off a large chunk of the dollar bill. In return, you will be left with a much more favorable rate that will be a relief to your savings and will appear presentable in your monthly budget too.

8.They are Situated in Prime Locations

You might have seen Take 5 situated in various corners of the country. From being a convenient stop near malls and main roads to being in prime locations, they are putting in a lot of money for your ease. This is why their services are on the expensive end too because you are putting in the cash in exchange for convenience.

It is also important to note that while you may find a lot of oil changing services for a lesser price, there are retailers such as Take 5 that are available at various locations. This is all so you do not have to drive a broken vehicle to the other side of the town. Hence, convenience may not look like a pricey factor but it is the high price that offers ease and comfortability to customers.

How Much Time Does Take 5 Use for an Oil Changing Service?

The company is known to provide a fast and efficient oil changing service to its customers. Because of its convenient locations and advanced facilities, you can count on them to offer you a seamless oil change for your vehicle.

Take 5 are famous for providing you an oil change within 10 minutes! Usually, you can expect to give you car for 30 to 40 minutes while you wait outside in the heat or go run an errand while the car gets the oil change. However, with Take 5, that is not an issue anymore. You can count on them to get you a swift but reliable oil change while you sit in the car. It will all be done within a fraction of an hour!

So, you don’t have to worry about things like what time does take 5 oil change close or what time does take 5 oil change open? You will be in and out within 10 minutes!

Is Take 5 Worth it?

The take 5 oil change reviews are pretty decent. Almost every customer is happy with the quality of the services which explains the higher price tag too. You get a premium combination of oil, experts, and facilities all in one deal. The customers praise their fast services and value of money too! This is why the high price does not bother many people as they are getting the worth of their dollar bills.

Are There Any Other Alternatives to Take 5 That You Can Try?

Here are four different companies you can seek if you are not convinced of the oil changing services by Take 5. Skim through them to find a fit for yourself!

  • Jiffy Lube International – Another popular, reliable, and fast service that makes many customers happy. They are present at convenient locations within the country too.
  • Grease Monkey – They offer a wide range of car maintenance solutions that you can try out once you are at the location. Plus, they do not compromise on quality which is why you might expect high prices here too.
  • Valvoline Instant Oil Change – They carry a team of certified professionals trained to treat your car the way it is supposed to be handled. Plus, they work efficiently within the desired timeframes of the customers.
  • SpeeDee Oil Change and Auto Service Center – They are a one-stop shop to buy oil change services and repair your vehicle. The best part about this brand is that they have customized packages for various vehicles.

Wrapping Up!

All in all, Take 5 is a premium brand that carries highly trained professionals, advanced equipment & facilities, and top-notch quality oil & filter replacements to cater to their customers’ needs. Their prices range from $49.99 to $79.99 which may be pricey but fall closely with its competitors. Plus, they offer value for money which attracts customers from far and wide. Hence, they have enough valid reasons to price their services on the higher end. However, there are other alternatives that you can try if you wish to have other options in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Cheapest Oil Change?

Traditional or conventional oil change is the cheapest type of oil changing service of all.

2. Is $50 Too Much for a Traditional Oil Change?

No, it costs around $35 to $75 if you are seeking a traditional oil change. However, synthetic oil may cost more.

3. Is $100 Too Much for a Synesthetic Oil Change?

No, it costs around $65 to $125 if you are seeking a synthetic oil change. Yes, it is pricier but it carries more benefits than the traditional oil change. Plus, it lasts longer too.

4. Is Take 5 Too Expensive?

They utilize premium quality oil, and filters, and have hired experts with certified training to offer oil-changing services. This may be why their prices are on the higher end.

5. Is Synthetic Oil Better Than Traditional Oil?

Yes, it enhances the performance of the vehicle and lasts longer. Plus, it is energy-efficient and carries lesser impurtites.

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