How Much Does Biolife Plasma Pay Per Donation? All You Need to Know!

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How Much Does Biolife Plasma Pay Per Donation? All You Need to Know!

If you are thinking about gaining a few extra bucks as a side hustle, you can count on plasma donation to help you out. It is a way to help people in need and gain money out of a good initiative!

In this blog, we will take you on this comprehensive journey where we will discuss the rates and step-by-step procedure of plasma donation. Plus, as a bonus tip and trick, we will be exploring ways you can save up on this donation and gain a few bonus dollars!

What is BioLife and Why Should You Opt for Plasma Donation?

BioLife is a pharmaceutical company situated in the United States.  It has donation centers spread out across various states in the country to help people gather the courage to give their plasma to the ones in need.

If you are thinking about giving your plasma to people in need, you could not have come at a better time. Plasma donation is not as popular as blood donation but it has helped many people fight various diseases. Some patients tackling autoimmune disorders need healthy plasma to give their immunity system a bit of strength. Healthy plasma can treat burns, and shocks, fight against trauma, and be used in various other medical emergencies.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a healthy plasma. By donating your plasma, you could help people with such disorders and help them regain strength to follow their daily routine with ease.

Not only will you be gaining satisfaction by helping people, but you can also bag a few dollars that could go straight to your savings account. It is a situation that is keeping you on a high moral ground and a potentially stable financial foundation. Biolife Plasma services is the perfect deal which is why you should do plasma donation too!

So, How Much Does Biolife Pay Per Plasma Donation?

If you look at the website, you might get confused because most donation centers offer you a price when you talk to them. They have a contact number updated on the website to help you get in contact with them. If you wish to get more information on the subject, you can talk to them online or visit a center to get your questions answered personally.

However, if you just want to take a peek into the average rates that people have gained from their plasma donations, here are a few rough numbers on how much does BioLife pay for plasma?

If you donate once, you can get $30 to $50. So, how much does BioLife plasma pay new donors? As a first-time donor, you can get $20 on your plasma donation. However, if you want to gain the big bucks, you will have to keep coming to the donation center and get the extra bucks from your side hustle. If you do it 8 times a week, you could easily look at $240 to $400 a month.  

Can You Get More Money Out of a Plasma Donation?

Here is the fun part! Yes, you can get more than the rates we mentioned above for free! There is not any hassle or extra fees that you have to pay and you can get these bonus dollars credited to your account with ease. Do you know how? By using the free promo codes, of course!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get more dollars than average to your bank account through a simple plasma donation!

1. Find a Third-Party Saving App

First and foremost, you need to search the internet for a decent third-party app for saving. There are multiple options available but we do advise you to do your research first. Some of them may ask you for money in exchange for coupons which could be a scam. There are many platforms that are offering such promo codes for free! Yes, gain money for free!

All you need to do is narrow down your list and find a few good stores with decent reviews and the ones that have a good list of coupons. Don’t forget to search for BioLife on these platforms to see if the website has relevant coupons for you! We suggest not picking just one store but finding 2 to 3 platforms so you can compare the services and choose the one that best suits you.

2. Skim Through the List to Find a Coupon

Once you have narrowed down the stores, skim through the list of coupons to find the one that best suits your wishes. There might be a number of coupons and it may confuse you. But this is exactly why we asked you to keep 2 to 3 third-party saving apps on your list. You can bag the discount code that is offering you the biggest sum of money!

Just so you know, the Biolife Coupons $700 for New Donors is one such coupon that is available online. That is for one donation only! You can get this huge amount without going again and again for a donation. So, now that you know the kind of coupons that are available, make sure you pick the right one after thorough research! Make sure the coupon is not expired and is eligible for your donation.

3. Get the Extra Money Immediately!

Once you have decided on the coupon, then you need to go to BioLife. There, you can insert the coupon code upon the appointment confirmation and get ready to receive the big money!

Another way to get the free promo codes is to go to BioLife’s website and find the Plasma Donation Center nearest to you. On that page, you will find general details of that particular location along with a few discount codes. Skim through them to see which promo code is applicable to you and makes you smile from ear to ear! Most discounts go as high as $140 so be sure to check them out too.

You may earn the extra money through coupons but do remember that you can only donate a few times. How often can I donate plasma BioLife? You can do it two times per week and take at least a day between the donations.

How to Donate Plasma at BioLife?

Now that you have made up your mind on the process, here are the steps you need to follow to get started on a plasma donation.

1. Sign in on the Website

The first thing you will need to do is sign up for the donation. You will have to book an appointment online or by visiting the platform. Most of the time, people prefer to head to the location and hand out the details themselves. If you are a new donor, you can expect to give a few personal details and proof of your identification and address.

Moreover, you will be guided through the eligibility conditions of the plasma donation. If you do not meet the guidelines, you won’t be able to give the donation. 

2. Pass a Screening

Next, you will go through a screening where your health will be judged. You are about to give a healthy plasma to a sick patient. This is why your health status needs to be assessed and doctors will determine if your plasma is healthy. This is done by a series of online questions about your health and medical history.

3. Tests to Check if You are Healthy

Now, it is time for you to get a few tests done. After the electronic questions, it is time to tell if your health says the same as your words about your health status. Your vitals will be checked to see if your plasma is healthy. This is usually done on the day you are planning to donate to see if you can do it that day.

Some of the tests that you can expect are your weight, blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. Your blood will also be taken to measure your protein and hematocrit levels. Hematocrit is the percentage of blood volume that is taken up by the red blood cells and is an important parameter for plasma donation.

4. Go Through a Physical Exam

Physical exams are also done to assess your health status and determine whether you will be fine after the donation. These are done for your and your health’s sake.

5. Make the Donation

This is the part where you will make the donation. The blood is drawn in the same way as when you are about to give a blood donation. This passes through a machine where the blood is separated from the plasma. The rest of the blood goes to your body again along with some saline. All of this takes only a few minutes, not more than half an hour. It is longer than a blood donation though.

6. Get Paid for Your Donation

Here comes the fun part! You can now get paid for the plasma you have donated. The local centers have different criteria for the frequency of the payment. You can ask your respective center to know more.   

How Will You Get Paid?

But how will you get paid? BioLife has an interesting way of paying you. They do it through their BioLife debit card. Once you make the donation, the payment is automatically credited to your card in a few days or hours, depending on the payment frequency of the local center. This debt card can be used at more than 900,000 ATMs worldwide. Yes, you can do it internationally too!

Wrapping Up!

All in all, a plasma donation can help people in need and help you gain a few extra bucks as a side hustle. These plasma donations take no more than an hour and you can instantly get paid for your efforts through a debit card. The average pay given by BioLife is around $30 to $50. However, with the coupons, you can double this amount or even triple it. There are many coupon codes available, both on the website and on third-party apps. Make your pick and earn money for your donation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Everyone Donate Plasma?

You must be at least 18 years old and weigh around 110 pounds. These are the general eligibility conditions. To give a donation, you will have to pass a screening and take a few tests to ensure you are healthy enough to partake in the donation.

How Many Times Can I Donate Plasma?

You can make a plasma donation two times a week. That means two times in seven days. The maximum number of times you can donate in a month is about 8. You can make your calculations about your payment from this.

Can You Donate Plasma 2 Days in a Row?

No, you cannot do it consecutively. You are advised to take a day in between your donations. Plus, there is also the condition of donating only twice per week. This is to ensure that you stay healthy while giving plasma to a sick patient.

Is Donating Plasma Once Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe. Some of the donors feel nothing while others go through a few side effects when they donate their plasma. These side effects include fatigue, bruising, bleeding, dehydration, or even fainting. Sometimes, an infection occurs too but it is rare and treatable.

What Is the Difference Between Donating Blood and Plasma?

Blood includes platelets, red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma. While blood is a group of components, plasma is one component inside the blood. When you donate your plasma, only one component is extracted and the rest are directed back into your blood.

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