Sephora Vs Ulta: All You Need To Know

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Sephora Vs Ulta: All You Need To Know

When it comes to skincare and cosmetics you cannot just compromise on the quality and authenticity of the product. Good products not only show great results but they also protect your skin from different types of damages occurring. And when we talk about makeup, women realize the constant battle of choosing between multiple brands.

Ulta vs Sephora is yet another common dispute that takes between beauty divas as they aren’t sure where to head to when it comes to their makeup needs. Both the stores are popular, genuine, running since years and are known for quality but for people working at Ulta vs sephora often go through the question: can I get it better somewhere else?

This common confusion amongst sephora vs Ulta is ongoing but we are here to put it to a rest. Yes, this article is your all in one Ulta vs sephora makeover guide with all the reasons you need to compare the both brands. We are not going to favor any store over the other but one thing we guarantee is that soon you will get rid of the sephora brand vs Ulta brand decision.


If we sit to pen down the reasons why sephora is the best and most famous makeup store we would run out of ink. Well that could be an exaggeration to some but the truth is sephora is great. Although it may seem self-evident, Sephora did not become one of the finest beauty boutiques for no reason.

Inside the store, receive a makeover and take the items home with you, join the VIB programme to get points for every dollar spent (which transform into product incentives), and online, get three free samples of your choice with every purchase. It's a one-stop store for all things beauty.


Affordability is a virtue and thanks to Ulta who has made affordability as their biggest quality. And which is why many people love Ulta over sephora or any other place to shop. It will be difficult not to discover a professional-grade beauty product (whether it's for hair, makeup, or skincare) at ULTA. ULTA has created a name for itself by offering both drugstore and premium products at reasonable pricing.

Though a bit intro is much to put a light on uniqueness of both brands but here are some other ways to compare Ulta vs Sephora.
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Product Range

Both the brands are no less from the other in providing the one of a kind product range. You can get almost the same brands and products on each store. But a thing about sephora is that it stocks up more like high-end (read: expensive) products whereas Ulta is more drawn to drugstore options.

Sephora Collection

There are hundreds of brands available at sephora, as well as its own private label. The store's in-house label, Sephora Collection, offers cheap beauty goods starting at $1. The store also carries a variety of mid-tier and high-end brands such as Dior, La Mer, and Chanel. Some of Sephora's notable brands that aren't available at Ulta include Fenty Beauty, Huda Beauty, and Charlotte Tilbury.

Ulta Beauty Products

Ulta beauty is more about affordable beauty products. You will get prices that start below $1 price range although they are mainly products like eye masks and sheet masks. You can also find a multiple of mid type brands as these brands are considered extra budget friendly. Hence if you need affordable makeup, you know where to head to.

Sales and Offers

Online sale areas and limited-time offers are available at both beauty stores. Ulta holds sales more frequently, but Sephora offers better deals during special events. And, like many retailers, when you join their membership programmes, you get even more discounts. Moreover, both brands offer promo codes. You can shop with sephora discounts as well as Ulta beauty coupon codes to enjoy some savings.

Sephora Sales

Weekly promotions on trial and small sizes are available at the beauty business, and online orders come with two free samples. Sephora also has a huge yearly spring sale where Beauty Insiders may save a lot of money on well-known brands.


Ulta makes it ideal for people to shop who are a little considerate about their spending. The brand is known to provide discounts all year round and you can get amazing deals where up to 50% off is a common thing. Ulta promo codes are also a part of their sale family as you can shop for upcoming big events without having to worry about budget constraints.

Rewards Program

Each famous brand offers certain perks to its customers and reward programs are of a similar kind. Stores like Ulta and sephora have huge reward programs where they make your each purchase worthwhile. Reward points also ensure you get something in return for each dollar spent. Here is a brief comparison between the reward programs of two brands.

Sephora Rewards Program

Becoming a Beauty Insider has numerous advantages. One of the most notable is the rewards system, which converts your spending into points that you can exchange for things at the Rewards Baazar.

Ulta Rewards Program

Ultamate Rewards members get a slew of perks that help them save money on their next shopping spree. Unlike Sephora, where points can be exchanged for products, Ulta offers cash savings on future purchases.

The Shipping Policy

After the debate of Ulta vs Sephora Prices, shipping and delivery policy is also another big thing that makes a difference on the audience. Sephora and Ulta both offer well-organized stores with thousands of goods on display to choose from (and be tempted by). Both have similar online purchasing experiences, while Ulta has an in-store pickup option that is really convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Ulta and Sephora Different?

Overall, Sephora is known for carrying high-end goods, whereas Ulta is known for carrying larger drugstore names.

Is Sephora A High-end Brand?

It won’t be wrong to make the work high end a label for the brand. Sephora sells a variety of brands as well as its own private label.

Are Sephora and Ulta Authentic?

Online and offline shopping such as Ulta Beauty or Sephora are generally safe places to buy cosmetics because they don't stock third-party suppliers who might sell counterfeit goods.

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