To Buy or Not to Buy from Tbdress: Tbdress Reviews

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To Buy or Not to Buy from Tbdress: Tbdress Reviews

Disclaimer: This Blog Contains Everything you need to know about tbdress along with real tbdress reviews. Your single read to solve the biggest mystery, to buy or not to buy from Tbdress.

One of the biggest dilemma of today’s world is to differentiate what’s real from what’s fake. In a world where everything is filter, faces are plasticized, emotions are hidden and truth is avoided to save the drama, one has a hard time trusting people or things. Excuse the emotional outburst but there is no lie in the fact that people these days double think everything before placing their trust whether it’s a person, product, service or even themselves.

Online shopping has now taken the world by storm and most of us don’t even remember the last time we got out of our pjs and went shopping. Not like we don’t want to, duh! Got to get those home delivery boys earn tips. Anyhow, the trend of online shopping and placing orders miles apart have left many brands reveal to the customers what they actually think about customer trust or how far they pay attention to making their customers happy.

And as the internet has provided a platform for everyone to speak freely there is no way the truth can remain hidden. This article entails everything about the famous clothing and fashion brand “Tbdress” – from genuine customer reviews, real life experiences, quality, adherence to promises and the care for customer’s money. The Tbdress reviews 2021 are here to let you make an informed and wise decision. Thank us later!

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What is Tbdress?

Is it the first time you are hearing the name? Don’t worry! It’s never too late to start shopping or at least think about filling that cart. If you are looking for expensive fashion in cheap prices then you might have heard about tbdress. After all, that’s the motivation that drives all of us to move towards a brand.

Online boutiques, fashion designers or retailers are trying to bridge the gap between a common person and high-end expensive designer brands. Since they believe that fashion doesn’t have to be limited to the upper class only and an average person must be able to afford all the things they need while adorn themselves in all they desire. Tbdress is one similar name which promises to offer inexpensive clothing options with a very expensive taste.

The negative reviews are a one thing but the low prices for lavish looking dresses make many customers doubt about the authenticity and hidden flaws in the product and that’s a genuine concern. After all, who would sell a dress just as Vera Wang’s and charge ten times less? That ought to raise some suspicion.

About Tbdress

Tbdress is a virtual store or online boutique that offers a complete range of fashion collection from every day to once in a while fancy wear. They also cover wedding gowns, party wears, dresses, swimwear, lingerie and casual items. The store was formed in 2010 and offers all the secure payment methods with a store based in China. They promise to deliver high quality despite the distances and low prices.

Quick Glance at Tbdress

It is a website that delivers fashionable dresses and accessories

The website:

  • From fancy to casual to wedding dresses
  • They also have a mobile application
  • Covers a complete range for both men and women including tops, dresses, bottoms, accessories, swimwear and bedding
  • It offers memberships too for free shipping and other benefits
  • Low prices for high quality (luxurious looking items)
  • Free shipping over $99
  • Has a return and refund policy
  • 24/7 customer support

The points that entice many customers and make people believe about their authenticity. This is how tbdress defines their service and portrays their image. Though many people have believed and experienced the fulfillment of all promised some don’t even believe a word the brand says after the horrific experience they have had.

Tbdress Reviews

Tbdress Canada Reviews and Tbdress UK Reviews could slightly vary as the brand has not been consistent with the effort. A buyer must note the keyword consistency when it comes to commenting on tbdress quality and customer care. Since, there are both positive and negative reviews it is a given fact that consistency is missing. A customer might have had the best experience in one part of the world whereas the other region holds anger and frustration.

Tbdress Customer Reviews

An average of 2 to 3 stars is what you would observe for Tbdress on many review sites and while this could be a low hit for a brand, many customers sure have had a negative experience. Even though it is impractical to have a full five star rating for a brand, 2 or anything lower than that does raise some suspicion. Imagine the worry for the one who is ordering a wedding dress from tbdress? The stress could lead to some serious hair fall, that too before her wedding!!!

Tbdress Good Reviews

Another customer confused by the negative reviews took a risk to order from tbdress. But to her experience she not only got a great product but the dress was delivered on time as well. She happily claims: ‘I purchased my dress for my 50th birthday. I was concerned that it wasn't going to arrive in time. My dress arrived weeks before my birthday. The dress is perfect, exactly as the picture.’

Another satisfied buyer claims to be their regular customer for past few years and she always had a nice experience.
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Tbdress Negative Reviews

Uh Oh! A complaint about Wedding dress. One of the angry (read: Disappointed) customer from Tbdress complains that her wedding dress arrived after two month of placing the order. The 60 days shipping timeline does seem a big deal. She also complained that her dress looked nothing like the picture and it was pretty ugly. The rest is spoken in her own words!

‘I immediately wanted my money back and while I will say their customers service is responsive it took 50 emails and me paying my own return shipping to get my money back. My experience was terrible, I would never recommend anyone purchasing from this company.’

Another negative review says: ‘The special occasion dress was made beautifully but didn’t fit. The return policy said standard sizes could be returned in 7 days. When I contacted them they said the dress was made after I ordered it and couldn’t be returned. It was not a custom dress. After 3 emails they agreed to give me 2/3 of the cost back. Do not order from them.’

Seems like majority of the people are unhappy with their return and refund policy. While some don’t like what they received even after weeks of waiting.

Tbdress Shipping Reviews

After filling the cart the shipping terms and conditions make people discover is the store worth their time. And thanks to the tbdress they do ship worldwide. So the cute top you liked at their store? Yes you can get it. With over shipping in 240 countries the store does cover your region.

Secondly there was a free shipping for local orders above $99 during some promotions or deal seasons, which is also a plus point. The standard shipping time for tbdress is 4-9 business days which seems to be a bearable time to wait for the dress. And thirdly they do promise returns within the first 30 days of purchase provided you didn’t pillow fight in the product or wore it to death.

They offer three types of shipping

  • Super Saving Shipping: 10-25 days to US, 7-15 days to UK, 15- 30 days to Canada and somewhat similar timing to other regions of the world.
  • Standard Shipping: 6-15 days, faster than super saving shipping by two times
  • Expedited Shipping: 3-8 days, for people who just cannot wait!

Tbdress does not have flat shipping rates, yes that’s where you would have to swallow the hard truth. The store doesn’t cooperate much with the shipping charges. While some of you might have had the free shipping experience but these offers are time sensitive. On other occasions you always have to pay for shipping charges.
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Tbdress Wedding Dress Reviews

No bride deserves stress before her big day. Especially when it comes to the bridal dress which is even more important than the groom (no offence). The tbdress reviews are both good and bad and risking something as big as your wedding dress isn’t a good move.

Sure, you can invest $20 for a simple summer dress but we wouldn’t recommend you spending a lot and risking your big day. After all what’s the point of marrying when you don’t get to try many wedding dresses with your friends?

Tbdress Return Policy

The company’s return or refund policy promises return of items to be processed if addressed within the first 3 days. You getting an awakening after 30 days doesn’t make the process eligible. However in cases of exceptions such as wedding dresses, special dresses, and wigs the return has to be requested in 7 days.

The returned items should be in brand new condition and in the case of return in many sizes or colors there is a 50% restocking fee. All these conditions are mentioned in customer policy and the refund will be transferred to your account within few days. However, some customers have complained about not receiving a refund at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked or frequently incurred problems of a common customer. Since we promised a detailed guide on tbdress here you go:

Is Every Purchase Eligible For Return?

Not knowing or reading the customer policy or terms and conditions can lead to many issues. Even though tbdress is pretty flexible with their return policy, there are some products you cannot return. These include Lingerie, intimates, swimwear, beauty products and jewelry. Also the wedding dresses and wigs? They don’t fall under the 30 days return window, you have to be swift within the first seven days.

Is Tbdress Legit?

It is safe to say that tbdress is not a scam. Since it is natural to have both bad and positive experiences associated with a brand but too many negative reviews can cause a ship to sink. Being unimpressed by tbdress for any reason is one thing but declaring the service is nothing but fraud is a serious accusation which is untrue in this case.

For instance the store checks the usual legality criteria. A registered store is less likely to be a scam and this is true in this case too. The tbdress is located and registered as a trademark of Beijing Tidebuy Technology Co.Ltd. Since the Tidebuy group is fully registered and authentic there is no reason tbdress should be declared a scam.

Secondly, as mentioned before, store was formed in 2010, a store living till 11 years couldn’t be a scam since the fraud stores are usually short-lived and have just began their journey to strip people off of their hard-earned money. Moreover, there are real people with real reviews who have ordered, received and are pleased with what they have got from tbdress. This shows that the store has real products and the prices are real too.

Though to conclude: the problem with tbdress could be inconsistent behavior. Since some customers have had quality issues with the brand they might throw the big word of Scam but them being delivered what was shown and not being it to what they imagined doesn’t guarantee a brand to be a scam.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Tbdress A Chinese Company?

Tbdress is a Chinese based fashion company that ships products worldwide. They are located in Beijing.

2. How to Save with Tbdress?

By using tbdress promo codes and tbdress coupon codes you can save with tbdress and its deals.

3. Does Tbdress Offer Free Shipping?

It depends on the ongoing promotion and sales. You can also use the tbdress free shipping promo code to help you save on the delivery charges.

4. When to Save at Tbdress?

Shopping around the black Friday and cyber Monday sales will help you save at tbdress. You can expect greater discounts around this time.

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