Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil Change Price: 2023 Updated List

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Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil Change Price: 2023 Updated List

Table of Content

1. How Much Is a Synthetic Oil Change at Valvoline?
2. Valvoline Oil Change Price vs. Its Competitors
3. What type of oil do I need?
4. Synthetic Vs. Conventional Oil Change Cost at Valvoline
5. What Is the Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil?

  • Synthetic Blend Vs. Fully Synthetic Vs. Regular Oil

  • Professional Vs. DIY Oil Change

6. Other Services Included When Having Valvoline Oil Change
7. Why Should You Get Your Oil Changed at Valvoline?
8. How To Save On Valvoline Synthetic Oil Change?

  • Get Regular Maintenance

  • Save with Coupons

  • Watch Your Fluids

  • Keep An Eye on Your Tire Pressure

  • Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

  • Follow your Car’s Manual

9. Conclusion

Everything About Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil Change Price

One of the essential things you can do to maintain the smooth running of your car is to get it serviced at regular intervals and have the Valvoline instant oil change. In addition, there are a significant number of vehicle repair shops that are available to assist you with this activity, but if you are willing to check out Take 5 Oil Change Reviews, go ahead.

Among them, Valvoline is a well-liked option for oil changes since it is well-known for the superior quality of its goods and the remarkable customer care it provides. However, would these Valvoline oil change prices

be greater than those offered by the shop's competitors? Let's take a look at the pricing list for oil changes at Valvoline, as well as the elements that might affect the overall cost of your visit.

How Much Is a Synthetic Oil Change at Valvoline?

The price may change based on the goods themselves, as well as the location of the service you have performed, the number of coupons you have, and whether or not you just have one coupon. A standard Valvoline oil change can set you back anything from $40 to $100, depending on the service you get at Valvoline Oil Change.

Type Of Synthetic Oil Oil Change Price Additional Quart Charge Total
Maxlife Synthetic Blend $59.99 $5.99 $65.98
NextGen Maxlife Full Synthetic $89.99 $8.99 $98.98
Synpower Synthetic Oil $89.99 $8.99 $98.98


Valvoline Oil Change Price vs. Its Competitors


As can be seen, the cost of an oil change at Valvoline instant oil change prices that uses complete synthetic oil is not unreasonable at all. However, you may be curious about the competitiveness of Valvoline's prices in comparison to those of other service providers.

For more information about How Much Does Take 5 Oil Change Cost? please see the table that follows. Please consider that the prices shown here are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change.

Service provider Price range
Valvoline $39.99-89.99
Firestone $46-96
Goodyear $30.99-95.99
Jiffy Lube $45.99-$89.99
Meineke $35-65
Pep Boys $34.99-99.99
Mavis Discount Tire $29.95 – $64.99

What type of oil do I need?

Because the sort of motor oil that you put in your vehicle is not always a matter of personal preference, you can find yourself in a position where you have no choice but to go with a more expensive alternative.

It is possible that it will depend on the brand and model of your car in addition to the recommendations made by the manufacturer. There is no need to panic if you are unsure of the precise kind of motor oil that should be used in your vehicle.

When you visit Valvoline, the employees there will always go through the available alternatives with you and let you know what your car’s manufacturer recommends. Simply asking the question will clarify any confusion about which kind of oil is best suited for the task.

Synthetic Vs. Conventional Valvoline oil change cost

Conventional oil is extracted naturally from crude oil, while synthetic oil is produced artificially in a factory. Conventional motor oil often has a shorter shelf life than its synthetic counterpart, which can also tolerate greater temperatures.

Additionally, it offers improved protection for your engine, which enables it to flow more freely and offers enhanced protection for your vehicle's engine in adverse situations. Because synthetic oils often have a longer lifespan than traditional engine oil, you will be able to extend the amount of time between oil changes. If you are searching for the best possible performance and protection for your engine, synthetic oil is the right option; it may also save you money in the long run.

Whether you pick synthetic or conventional engine oil is a personal decision; however, if you are seeking the best possible performance and protection for your engine, synthetic oil is the perfect choice.

What Is the Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil?

There are a number of different oils from which you may choose for your vehicle. However, what are the key distinctions between conventional oil, totally synthetic oil, synthetic mix, and fully synthetic oil? Here is a short comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of each option so that you can choose what's best for your vehicle.

Synthetic Blend Vs. Fully Synthetic Vs. Regular Oil

The term "synthetic blend oil" refers to a combination of synthetic oil and regular oil. The viscosities of the oils that make up a Valvoline synthetic oil change price might be the same or vary from one another, although the blend's components are typical all the same size. The performance of synthetic blends is often superior to that of traditional oils, although the effectiveness of synthetic blends is not on par with that of wholly synthetic oil.
Fully synthetic oils, on the other hand, are often manufactured from hydrocarbons that are sourced from crude oil or natural gas. Adding a variety of additional additives may improve the overall performance of fully synthetic oils. In general, fully synthetic oils have a greater point of boiling than their traditional counterparts. This indicates that they are more resistant to decomposition when subjected to greater temperatures.

As was just said, normal oil, also known as conventional oil, originates from refined crude oil before being combined with other types of oil. Conventional motor oil typically comprises between 90 and 95 percent base oil by weight, an important component contributing to the motor oil's overall performance. While it does not provide the same degree of defense as synthetic oil, it is the most cost-effective choice.

Professional Vs. DIY Oil Change

Compared to changing the oil on your own, getting the oil changed at Valvoline has a few advantages in several different areas. They have the skills, expertise, and experience to do the task promptly and accurately. In addition, they use high-quality supplies, so this is one less thing you need to be concerned about. On the other hand, there are a few drawbacks to consider. It is possible that doing it yourself will be less costly, but you will need to factor in the time it will take to get to the Valvoline site.

If you decide to alter the oil in your vehicle, there are a few considerations you need to bear in mind. Be sure that you have the appropriate motor oil and oil filter for your vehicle, follow the directions in the manual very carefully, and dress in clothes that you don't mind getting a little bit filthy. One of the most significant benefits of doing your own oil change is the significant cost reduction compared to sending your vehicle to Valvoline.

The most significant disadvantage, on the other hand, is that it requires far more time and effort than just going to Valvoline.

Other Services Included When Having Valvoline Oil Change

Valvoline provides a wide variety of services, including oil changes, to ensure that your car continues to operate efficiently. The following are some of the most typical services:

  • Rotating tires: Doing that regularly helps ensure that they wear evenly and might improve their lifetime.
  • Battery replacement: The professionals at Valvoline can replace your car's battery and test its charging system to guarantee that your vehicle will start every time.
  • Replacement of worn wiper blades: Dirty or worn wiper blades can obstruct the driver's line of sight; fortunately, Valvoline can refurbish them to restore visibility and enhance driver safety.
  • Air filter replacements: A filthy air filter may affect the engine’s performance and the efficiency with which it uses gasoline. Valvoline can replace the air filter at the same time that the oil is changed.
  • Cleaning of the fuel system: Deposits may build up over time in your fuel system, and Valvoline can clean it for you to optimize its efficiency.
  • Transmission fluid exchanges: If you want to help avoid damage to your transmission and guarantee that shifting is smooth, have Valvoline change your transmission fluid.
  • Radiator fluid exchanges: Valvoline can change your coolant to assist in preventing your engine from overheating and sustaining harm as a result.

Why Should You Get Your Oil Change at Valvoline?

The following are some reasons why you should consider having this service do this work for you.

  • Service that is both quick and convenient Valvoline is recognized for providing very quick and effective service; the majority of oil changes are performed in around 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Valvoline experts are educated and qualified to conduct a variety of maintenance services, including oil changes, tire rotations, and battery replacements. Valvoline specialists have years of experience.
  • Valvoline provides a variety of high-quality motor oils, some of which are synthetic blends, while others are made entirely of synthetic components. These lubricants are tailored to satisfy the requirements of a wide variety of cars and environments in which they are driven.
  • Valvoline provides its services at pricing that is priced competitively, and the company routinely provides clients with coupons and discounts to help them save even more money.
  • In addition to changing motor oil, Valvoline oil change pricing also offers a variety of additional fast maintenance services, such as replacing air filters, installing wiper blades, and flushing radiators, to assist in keeping your car operating efficiently. These services are designed to help keep your vehicle running smoothly. Along with Valvoline 19.99 oil change coupon.


Even if you take good care of your car, you can't avoid car maintenance. However, you can increase the time between maintenance trips and even the amount of money you spend per visit. Here are some ways to save money on your next oil change and ensure your car runs well for a long time.

1. Get Regular Maintenance

This might seem to go against your plan to spend as little money as possible on your car, but the truth is that regular repair does help. If you follow the recommended maintenance plans, keep up with oil changes and tire rotations, and take care of your car in general, it will last longer and need fewer fixes. A car isn't meant to be made once and then run forever.
They need help, and if you don't take care of them, problems will happen. If you don't take care of your car, you could run into expensive problems like clogged oil, low transmission fluid, engine or brake failure, and flat tires. It's better to spend a little now than a lot later. So, when it comes to cars, it's always better to avoid problems than to fix them.

2. Save with Coupons

Car repairs will be pricey, and even the companies that fix cars know that. So, they do a number of things to get customers' attention and get them to use their car services. This could come in the form of high-quality goods, great customer service, and low prices. And if a brand doesn't want low prices to hurt its reputation, it will give people ways to get deals and Valvoline $20 oil change coupon.
This comes from a brand in the form of coupon codes. These coupon codes are promo codes that can be used when you buy something online. In some cases, they are printed coupons that can be used in shops. Coupon codes are often given out by companies on their websites or on other websites. In a similar way, you can find the best VALVOLINE COUPON deals at different stores.

3. Watch Your Fluids

As was already said, you can find out how often your car needs to be serviced by reading the owner's instructions. This includes oil, cooling, transmission, brake, power steering, battery, and windshield washer fluid. The owner can quickly check all of these fluids if he or she has the owner's guidebook and knows what to look for.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Tire Pressure

If the tires on your car are in bad shape, they won't move. Also, tires with the wrong amount of air pressure could make the ride less enjoyable and pose a safety risk.

5. Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

Part of keeping your car in good shape is to listen to it, especially when it's making noises. When a danger light comes on, pay attention and figure out what it means. If you don't look, you won't know, but it could be something as simple as a loose gas cap. Digital odometers make it easy to figure out what's wrong with a car.
Most codes can be found by turning the ignition key to the "on" position (not the "start" position) and turning it on and off two or three times. Then, look at the reading while the key is in the "on" position. Check your instructions to find out how to get numbers for your individual model. Then, to find out more about what's wrong with your car, use Google or YouTube to understand your car's language.

6. Follow your Car’s Manual

Yes, you have to read the instructions. Your car's owner's guidebook, especially the section on regular upkeep, can help you take care of your car and keep it in good shape, as recommended by the maker. In your car, they are in charge. Pay attention to them.


How much does Valvoline charge for changing the oil in your car? The rates are subject to change depending on a variety of variables, including the kind of oil that is used, the amount of oil needed in quarts, and any extra services that are chosen.

Although the price of an oil change at Valvoline may be greater compared to that of some other providers, the company's dedication to providing excellent quality and service has made them the supplier of choice for a large number of motorists.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many miles is Valvoline full synthetic?
If your vehicle has fewer than 125,000 miles, using the MaxLife Full Synthetic Motor Oil from Valvoline will get you an engine warranty that lasts up to 300,000 miles.

2. What is the price of Valvoline 5w30?
This item has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, and the price ranges from 1,550.00 to 1,800.00. It is the Valvoline 5w30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil for Petrol and Diesel Cars (3.5 L).

3. What is the price of Valvoline 5w40?
Advanced protection in European vehicles guards against the following four primary factors contributing to engine failure: deposits, wear, friction, and heat. The cost is $2200.

4. Is full synthetic oil expensive?
There is no getting around the fact that synthetic oil products come at a higher cost than their natural counterparts. When compared to conventional motor oil, synthetic oil is more expensive. However, after weighing the benefits of synthetic oil against conventional motor oil, several of the world's largest merchants of car components believe that the additional cost is justified.

5. Is full synthetic oil better?
Yes, synthetic oil is better than regular oil for your engine. Even though normal oil (mineral oil) can do a good job of lubricating, it can't compare to synthetics in terms of total engine performance and safety.

6. Does Valvoline do high-mileage oil changes?
If your car has more than 75,000 miles on the odometer, switching to Valvoline with MaxLife Technology can extend the life of your engine. It has been shown to protect high-mileage engines from wear, friction, heat, and deposits, which are the main reasons for engine failure and costly fixes.

7. Is It Possible to Go from Conventional to Fully Synthetic Oil?
Most of the time, synthetic oils protect better than regular oils, but moving back and forth between fully synthetic and regular oils won't hurt the engine.

8. How Much Does an Oil Change Cost?
On Oct. 13, 2021, prices at big stores showed that a normal oil change could cost anywhere from $20 to $60 or more. When you take your car to a shop for an oil change, you'll be charged for a number of things, such as Oil filter changes: Costs can change based on the car.

9. What Are the Working Hours at Valvoline?
11–12 hours on average, with the exception of working weekends, when it is reduced to 9 hours.

10. Is Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil Good?

Yes, Valvoline full synthetic oil is one of the top lubricants for vehicles because it is suitable for most of the engine’s requirements. It improves your engine’s performance, prevents wear and tear, and minimizes friction. Moreover, as compared to other oils with the same or less performance, the Valvoline synthetic oil and other similar Valvoline synthetic 5w30 are also inexpensive. 

11. Why Valvoline’s Prices are High?

The price of Valvoline seems high to most customers because it provides both products and services to the customers. This might seem a bit higher purchase at first but if you buy a product on your own and get the service done from another retailer, the combined price will be much higher. 

12. How Long Before Getting a New Oil Change?

Each oil change can work the vehicle up to 3000 to 4000 miles. After that, it is wise to get your car oil changed so the engine doesn’t get compromised in performance. 

13. How Can I Minimize Car Maintenance Costs?

Car Maintenance is one such thing that will cost you high but if you wish to reduce the number of times you need to get the maintenance done hence minimizing the expense altogether then you need to head to reliable service providers. Make sure you only opt for services that are well-known and praised for their quality. 

14. What is the Best Time to Get Your Car Serviced?

Car service and maintenance need to be done based on the guidelines mentioned in the manual but when it comes to cutting up costs, opt for sales and discount seasons. During these seasons many retailers offer discounts. 

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