Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil Change Price | All You Need to Know About Valvoline

Sep 01, 2022   |   11 min read


Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil Change Price | All You Need to Know About Valvoline


Car and truck owners do enjoy the benefits of commute freedom and ability to move from place to place without having to worry about mode of transportation. But as much as owning a car serves to the interest it also comes at several expenses. Especially for those who drive their vehicles a lot and use it on daily purpose it is equally essential to get the maintenance job done on regular basis.

Valvoline is one such brand that offers competitive pricing and car maintenance. Though to some people the services are expensive and the valvoline full synthetic oil change price seems overboard but as per the brand, they only prefer high quality which then shows up as their high prices.

Their commitment to excellence is what makes the valvoline full synthetic oil change and maintenance costly but when you realize why the valvoline oil change is expensive and how can you save on it, there is no other place you would head to oil change other than valvoline. In this article you will learn all you need to know about valvoline synthetic oil change price and the best way to earn decent discounts at valvoline oil change. And some ways to earn valvoline coupons on your next valvoline visit.

How Much Is an Oil Change At Valvoline

Since customers find the prices of valvoline higher the company has made different packages so you can choose the service accordingly. They have divided their services not only based on affordability but also the types of oil change they offer. The three oil change packages at valvoline you will find include the:

  • Conventional or standard oil change which costs $42
  • High mileage and synthetic blend oil change which costs $63
  • And the Full synthetic oil change which costs $85.

The cost of a quick oil change at Valvoline is fairly reasonable. Many times, the price is less than that of its rivals without sacrificing quality.

A complete oil change is available from Valvoline. This service includes up to 5 quarts of Valvoline oil, a new oil filter, and the manufacturer-recommended maintenance of your car's chassis parts. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, the service team will lubricate all of your car's chassis parts.

Many car owners who have used valvoline full synthetic oil change services claim that they are effective. They have very reasonable prices, and if you schedule regular oil changes with them, your car will run smoothly.

The oil changing services offered by Valvoline are widely accessible. So, if you urgently want an oil change, Valvoline will have no trouble providing it. Without sacrificing quality, their oil change prices are quite competitive, frequently even being less expensive than their closest competitors.

What Other Services are Offered at Valvoline

How many times have you delayed car’s regular maintenance and check up because you had to drive miles for one thing to be done and great miles in another direction to get the rest done? This is a common problem with car owners. As much as they dread the high price of car parts maintenance and repair, they also hate visiting different service providers for each thing. From engine to lubrication, car refrigerant system to searching for a place where they can check the tires, each step might require a separate place.

But the reason (probably one of the reasons) why so many people prefer valvoline over other places is the multiple checks at one place. Not only you will be paying a lot for it but in the cost of oil change you will get routine to some advanced car checkups and preventive care.

The transmission, differential, transfer case, windshield washer, power steering, and antifreeze/coolant fluid levels will all be checked throughout this process.

Additionally, your car's air filter, battery, tyre pressure, serpentine belt, wiper blades, and vehicle lights will be examined.

Besides all these over the surface checks on your car the crew will also take a keen look at your car’s

  • Battery
  • Light check
  • Tire pressure
  • Wiper blades
  • Air filter
  • Fluid in automatic transmissions
  • Washer fluid
  • Antifreeze

All these things might not make a noise or impact your car’s performance until it gets too late hence the preventive measures can protect your car’s life and keep your driving safe.

Why is Valvoline Oil Change so Expensive?

Valvoline oil change is a car service and automobile product provider. It is a place where you can buy automobile parts, oil and replacement parts as well as get your car serviced. But some people find valvoline oil change to be expensive. Here are some reasons why valvoline oil change is expensive than others.

Brand Name

In today’s world where there are so many scams and ongoing frauds, brand name holds the greatest credibility. For maintenance as important as vehicles and trucks you cannot compromise with poor quality products or service. Hence people turn to reliable names. This is probably the reason that some people find valvoline over-priced. Their motor oil has certain formula which is ideal for vehicles to work flawlessly and have smooth movements. And while the brand promises to travel 3000-4000 miles per oil change in case of Valvoline the mileage is greater than average.

Complete Range of Products

If you own a car, Valvoline probably carries the item you require. You have to keep your car maintained if you own one. The vehicle's value will continue to decline even as you keep it maintained. But a regular maintenance can ensure you make your car durable for maximum years possible.

Owning a car does nothing beneficial for your finances. But you must take care of your car if you want it to keep its value for as long as feasible. Routine maintenance is one of the most crucial aspects of car maintenance. The upkeep of an automobile is not a particularly difficult process, but frequent oil changes are required. Hence you need to carefully select the product for your car if you want to add life to your vehicle. And since valvoline provides that opportunity to each car the prices are also high.

Small Packaging

Products when sold in bulk are cheaper but when bought in small amounts cost high. This is especially true for vehicle liquids and oil. For a single oil change process, you will buy a one-time usage product or maybe two times. These containers then add to the cost of each item sold.

Exceptional Customer Service

Depending on where you live in the nation, there can be a Valvoline service station nearby. You can visit these places to get the air conditioning serviced, the tyres rotated, the oil changed, and the filters changed on your automobile. A Valvoline store will be able to manage all of the fundamental problems associated with routine auto maintenance.

These places frequently have a very strict system, are highly clean, and are well-kept. The products used inside the service center will be original Valvoline products. The bottom line is that Valvoline is viewed as a premium business with premium clients since it provides both products and services to its clients.

To Keep the Competition

It is often assumed that companies with lower prices attract more customers. While to some extent it is true but it also makes a customer think that product is low quality. Especially when it comes to products like vehicles one only wants to settle for high quality. So companies like valvoline prefer to keep their prices a bit on higher side so they can attain a high quality potion in the market.

How to Save on Valvoline Synthetic Oil Change?

While one cannot avoid car maintenance no matter how much careful they are with their car, you can definitely increase the time span between two respective maintenance visits and even the money spent per visit. Here are some tips to save money on your next oil change and keep your car efficiently running for long.

Get Regular Maintenance

This might seem contrary to the fact that you are planning to avoid spent money on your car as much as possible but the truth is regular maintenance do in fact help. Your automobile will last longer and require fewer repairs if you adhere to suggested maintenance schedules, keep up with oil changes and tyre rotations, and generally take care of your vehicle. The purpose of a vehicle isn't to be created once, then run forever.

They require assistance, and there will be issues if you don't look after them. If you don't pay attention to car maintenance, you could end yourself in some pricey situations like clogged oil, low transmission fluid, engine or brake failure, and bald tyres. Spending a little now rather than a lot later is preferable. Hence when it comes to car prevention is always better than cure.

Save with Coupons

Car services are going to be expensive and even the car maintenance companies know that. Hence, they take several measures to attract their customers and urge them to get the car services from them. This might come as high-quality products, customer service that is unmatched as well as affordable pricing. And if a brand doesn’t want to compromise its integrity with cheap prices, they will put up ways for customers to earn discounts.

This comes in form of coupon codes from a brand. These coupon codes are promo codes which can be used when placing an order online and, in some cases, printable coupons which can be used in physical stores. Companies often introduce coupon codes through their websites or other websites. You can in a similar way find the best valvoline coupon codes from various retailers.

Watch Your Fluids

As previously noted, you can find out what your car's routine maintenance schedule is by reading the owner's manual. That includes all the fluids that keep your automobile running, including the oil we have discussed as well as coolant, transmission, brake, power steering, battery, and even windshield wiper fluid. With some help from the owner's manual and some know-how, the owner can swiftly check all of these fluids.

Keep An Eye on Your Tire Pressure

Your automobile will not move if its tyres are in poor condition. Additionally, having improperly inflated tyres might result in a less-than-comfortable ride and pose a safety risk.

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

Listening to your car, especially when it's grumbling, is an important part of good maintenance. Whenever a warning light appears, pay attention and look into its origin. You won't know unless you look, but it might be anything as straightforward as a loose gas cap. The ability to read trouble codes is made simple by cars with digital odometers.

Most codes can be accessed by simply turning the ignition key to the on (not start) position on and off two or three times, then observing the readout while in the on position. To learn how to obtain codes for your specific model, consult your manual. Then, to find out more about the problem with your vehicle, use google or YouTube to translate the language of your vehicle.

Follow your Car’s Manual

Absolutely, you must read the directions. The owner's manual for your car, especially the chapter on routine maintenance, is a useful tool for taking care of your vehicle and keeping it in good condition in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. In your car, they are the authorities: Take heed of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, valvoline full synthetic oil is one of the top lubricants for vehicles because it is suitable for most of the engine’s requirement. It improves your engine’ performance, prevents wear and tear and minimizes friction. Moreover, as compared to other oils with same or less performance, the valvoline synthetic oil and other similar valvoline synthetic 5w30 are also inexpensive.

The prices of valvoline seems high to most customers because it provides both product and services to the customers. This might seem a bit higher purchase at first but if you buy a product on your own and get the service done from another retailer, the combined price will be much higher.

Each oil change can work the vehicle up to 3000 to 4000 miles. After that it is wise to get your car oil changed so the engine doesn’t get compromised in performance.

Car Maintenance is one such thing that will cost you high but if you wish to reduce the number of times you need to get the maintenance done hence minimize the expense altogether then you need to head to reliable service providers. Make sure you only opt for services that are well known and praised for their quality.

Car service and maintenance needs to be done based on the guidelines mentioned on the manual but when it comes to cutting up costs, opt for sales and discount seasons. During these seasons many retailers offer discounts.