What is On a Spicy Italian at Subway – A Comprehensive Guide

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What is On a Spicy Italian at Subway – A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a complete answer on What is On a Spicy Italian at Subway? No need to search anymore, we are here to provide a simple and quick answer. Stay tuned and read this complete blog. You will definitely get quick and easy answers that will make you fall in love with each offering the one and only Subway.

What is on a Spicy Italian Sub at Subway?

No doubt Spicy Italian is one of the best offerings of Subway. It is served on freshly baked bread and includes pepperoni, salami, and cheese. Add peppers, oil, vinegar, or anything else your taste buds desire. For more taste, you can customize your order and add all your favorite sauces and vegetables. Also, you can take a look at tuna sandwich exclusively offered by Subway. Tuna is a great option if you love tomatoes.

What is the Price of the Spicy Italian Sub

Well, the prices of Subway Italian sandwiches depend upon the location and ongoing options. But, the average range falls between $5 to $9. Also, you can choose any size and add more veggies and sauces, if you want.

The Chart that shares the pricing of Spicy Italian Sub, take a look below:

6-Inch Regular Sub


Footlong Regular Sub



Enjoy Full Customization

Providing full customization is what makes Subway unique. At this place, you will enjoy everything you want including the Spicy Italian subway that suits your preferences. No doubt, you will get satisfying results on every visit because all customers are allowed to choose any type of bread, cheese, and vegetables and an array of sauces and toppings.

How to Get Subway Coupons?

Getting Subway Coupons is easy by choosing a reputable site online. All you need to do is, choose a top-notch site and go to the deals page. On that page, you will find a ton of amazing offers and discount codes that will greatly help you save money for up to 20% to 90%. Simply, you can click on the code, so it will be copied to the clipboard. Then, go to the official site of Subway and place an order online. Now, paste your discount code at the checkout page to exclude money from your bill.

How Much is a Footlong at Subway?

Are you finding an answer on How Much is a Footlong at Subway? Take a look at the detailed list below and enjoy any of your favorite footlong or any other sandwich.

  1. Turkey Breast and ham ($5.48)
  2. Subway Seafood Sensation Footlong ($10.00)
  3. Italian B.M.T. Footlong ($8.54)
  4. Cold Cut Combo Footlong ($6.95)
  5. Roast Beef Footlong ($9.61)
  6. Buffalo Chicken Footlong ($9.61)
  7. Rotisserie-Style Chicken Footlong ($9.61)
  8. Big Hot Pastrami Footlong ($10.17)
  9. Veggie Patty Footlong ($8.48)
  10. Tuna Footlong ($8.57)
  11. Subway Melt Footlong ($9.64)

What is The Best Subway Sandwich?

Are you finding an answer on what is the best Subway sandwich? Take a look at the list of best sandwiches below:

1. Italian B.M.T 

An Italian B.M.T includes Genoa salami, ham, pepperoni, and Italian bread. With over 750 calories, you can dive into the world of flavors and pepperonis.

2. Subway Club

There is ham, hickory smoked bacon, turkey, and American cheese in the Subway Club. A real taste of English mustard and hearty multigrain bread awaits you. However, this sandwich is not available at all Subway locations. Take a look at the menu before you place an order. 

3. Tuna

Tuna is a great option if you love tomatoes. With each bite, you will fall in love with its dress as well. Also, it has a punch of black pepper that will catch your attention in the very first bite. 

4. Veggie Delite

You'll love Veggie Delite if you love vegetables. One of Subway's healthiest sandwiches, the sandwich only contains vegetables. There are 430 calories in it, but there is no meat in it. You can also mark this option as ideal if you are a vegetarian.

5. Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

The best teriyaki-glazed grilled chicken is available at Subway. There is a rich flavor from the sweet onion teriyaki sauce. A variety of cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes, and crunchy peppers are also included.

6. Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is packed with protein. There are 590 calories in a white meat grilled chicken. For just $10, you can get it. 

7. Rotisserie-Style Chicken

You can find the best Rotisserie-Style Chicken at Subway. This sandwich is juicy and crispy and is served on a multigrain bun. Twenty-three grams of protein are found in a six-inch sub. Bacon can be added to add protein. Add fiber and nutrients to this sub by loading it up with veggies.

8. Turkey Cali Club

Try Turkey Cali Club if you like protein and veggies. It's one of Subway's best offerings. Also, you will get the avocado spread that gives a boost to the flavor. Enjoy healthy fats in every bite.

What Kind of Vinegar Does Subway Use?

Wondering What Kind of Vinegar Does Subway Use? Subway uses oil and vinegar for the salad dressings and for other items. Well, they’re using inexpensive red wine vinegar in all dressings no matter whether it’s a tangy or mixed dressing. Ideally, the red wine vinegar gives a savory and tangy flavor. Also, this vinegar is commonly used in numerous sauces such as Chimichurri.

What Kind of Mayo Does Subway Use?

Many people are finding an answer to What Kind of Mayo Does Subway Use? In Subway, mayonnaise is made without eggs. Most of their sandwiches and salads contained this mayo. In addition, you can enjoy a customized mayonnaise that is not available in the market. You can only find this mayo at subway branches.

Take a look at three different types of mayo available at Subway. You can choose any of them and enrich the overall taste of your sandwich or any other item.

  1. Eggless mayo: No doubt, it’s the most common mayonnaise used by Subway. It's Eggless mayonnaise that everyone finds in sandwiches of Subway. You can’t find it in stores because this mayo is made secretly by Subway.
  2. Southwest: When you go to the subway, ask for southwest sauce if you love spicy flavors. You will find a zingy and spicy taste in this amazing mayo. Without any doubt, people love to have it on their meal.
  3. Mint eggless mayo: As defined by the name, this mayo is very similar to eggless mayo. But it has an addition of mint on it.

What Kind of Bread Does Subway Use?

Bread is playing a vital role in any sandwich, that’s why, people are wondering to get an answer on What Kind of Bread Does Subway Use? All bread is made out of wheat flour, sugar, oil, yeast, and salt. But, subway takes pride in making a secret recipe with the help of the secret ingredients. They add their own unique ingredients to make it more flavorful and soft.

Also, you can choose a sweeter bread, if you’re a sweet lover. You can choose any type of bread for your sandwich and try out numerous types too.

Types of Subway Bread

You will find a wide range of Subway Bread, the list is mentioned below

  • Italian bread
  • 9-grain wheat bread
  • 9-grain honey oat bread
  • Sourdough bread
  • Multigrain flatbread
  • Italian herbs and cheese bread

Wrap Up

We hope you’ve got the complete answer on what is on a spicy Italian at Subway. It’s one of the best offerings of Subway that makes you super excited for every visit. However, if you want to save money, you can take a look at getting a promo code or coupon code, by getting a code, you can save your precious money for up to 90%. For more information, visit to the official site of Subway.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is on a Subway spicy Italian sandwich?

It is served on freshly baked bread and includes pepperoni, salami, and cheese. Add peppers, oil, vinegar, or anything else your taste buds desire.

What's good on a spicy Italian sub?

The level of cheese, pepperoni, and salami makes the spicy Italian sub more delicious. Further, you can add some veggies and other things in your order, if you want.

Which is the best sauce in subway?

Your best choices are honey mustard sauce, yellow or deli brown mustard, and sweet onion sauce

What is Subway's most popular item?

Turkey and tuna hold the title as Subway's most popular sandwiches. But, you can enjoy full customization at this place, so there’s no need to get worried about anything.

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