Planning your March Shopping – The Best Things to Buy in March

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Planning your March Shopping – The Best Things to Buy in March

With the winter folding its wings and taking off and the spring season finally settling in, March is the month when change finally takes place. After months of uncomfortable winter and chilly breezes it is in March that we welcome the pleasant weather with open arms. This also means time to plan for the cutest collection of outfits and a great time to show them off too! Though the absence of big sales and passing of shopping events like Black Friday, can make March an expensive month, it is no reason to not shop and sulk in sweat wearing those fleece jackets and woolen clothes.

This is why we have curated this perfect guide which will be your savior when you need to shop in budget for the month of March. With our selections of products, must-buys and best stores to shop in March, you won’t be regretting any of your money spent as the summer approaches. So, let’s take a look at the Best things to buy in March and also what not to buy during this month as steering away from wrong purchase is also money saved!

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Top Categories to Shop in March

Though typically a deal drought month, there is no excuse to entirely hold off your shopping horses and not purchase a single thing this month, especially when you could always use something new in your cart! To make sure you don’t become and unwise spender in March here are our top categories to buy.

#1 Travel Gear

Travel Gear

If you have planned a travel whether now or few months down the road then March is the excellent time to go for Travel gear shopping. During this month there are tons of luggage deals, offers on big suitcases to small travel size bags. Other than that, gears like hiking, baby carriers (for a hike), mountain climbing gears and all sorts of travel adventure stuff will see a big price drop. You could also see a big price drop in backpacks which are ideal for everyday use to long travel excursions as well.

Retailers have everything from running shoes to kayaks, sports goods, and transitional athletic apparel ready to welcome them into the great outdoors. As soon as March arrives, make sure to visit Dick's Sporting Goods and Cabela's.

Additionally, remember to take advantage of clearance sales on winter outdoor clothes as well as ski wear and equipment!

#2 Tax Software

Tax Software

This category covers a whopping 25% of the discounts that happen in March. As the fiscal year come to close, many people are worried about filling taxes and making sure their dues as a responsible citizen are taken well care of. In addition to lots of promo codes from mysavinghub, there are also straight-up big discounts on tax software of different kinds.

#3 Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and Resorts

Even hotel owners know that spring is the time when big crowds will be making appearances to stay in their resorts and avail all kinds of lavish services wisely. And as per our research, almost 60% of the Americans will be traveling to make the most of this spring season. And if you are looking for one more reason why travel deals are a hit this season then know that summer vacations are around the corner too! Hence while you get mesmerized by the great travel deals and discounts let us take care of you one step ahead with the best offers on hotels and resorts.

While popular beach and ski resorts for spring break may have be fully booked, you may still discover amazing bargains in cities and other places that aren't as busy since these places will be giving discounts to clear out unsold inventory.

#4 Winter Items

Winter Items

A smart person plans for the upcoming season beforehand whereas a wise person plans seasons before the actual weather is here! March is really the best month to shop for cold-weather sports gear because it's when winter officially ends. So, before the retailers put all of their collection away for good they are likely to present a good discounted price tag on them, which is why we encourage you to shop wisely on time. Although certain bargains may be worth examining, shop sales will be your best option if you want to save a significant amount of money. For example, in March of last year, there was almost a 70% off on winter outfits and snow sports gear. Also, for other kinds of winter items jackets and sweaters, your favorite retailers like Macys and Walmart will be sporting a good discount on kids and adults clothing likewise.

#5 Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

If you are an avid shopper you must well about spring cleaning deals every year. While many of those deals are covered during the President Day Sales but many offers remain until the month of March is here. This is because the pleasure of cleaning in the spring season is somewhat unique and unexplained as compared to cleaning in the cold winter breeze or hot summer sun. In other words, if you're looking for a fantastic price on a Dyson or Roomba vacuums, this may be a wonderful month to get a new vacuum. Some versions from last year were available for as little as $200, and they were also brand-new. However, if you don't mind a refurbished device, keep an eye out for Dyson's Outlet Spring Cleaning sales, which should feature significant discounts on a variety of reconditioned goods, including vacuums. For home cleaning and upkeep, Samsung will also offer a tremendous deal of good discounts and offers for everyone.

#6 Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

One of the favorite summer pastimes is working on outdoor décor projects and making your backyard a space that can host perfect intimate summer gatherings. As we’re all eager to spend more time outside after months of winter weather, you probably must be planning to make the most of your outdoor space. After all it is finally relieving stepping outside after months of being held inside because of the gushing cold.

According to the Google Trends things like porch swings, pool filters, and outdoor umbrellas are becoming more popular. You can probably get these items at Wayfair, Abba Patio and other stores at a discount because they are from last year's inventory. Furthermore, even while popular items didn't sell out entirely last year, outdoor furniture did, so if you see something you really want, get it right away.

#7 TVs


Who would have expected to find a good deal on a good television set especially when the black Friday sales are long gone? Well you couldn’t be more wrong! Though we aren’t expecting a tons of TV discounts in March nor does it make any sense to be this way, but there are definitely going to be some good deals if you want a TV right now instead of just waiting up till the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. This includes, Toshiba, Samsung or Sony TV Sets which will see a price dip during the month of March.

#8 BBQ Grills

BBQ Grills

With summer season approaching its time that you plan those delicious BBQs in the backyard and grill by the poolside for your signature hamburgers and steaks. Generally speaking, we advise waiting until much later in the year to purchase grills. Although there can be some excellent bargains towards the end of the summer, September and October often provide the biggest discounts because this is when demand for barbecues drops down the most.

You can't wait until autumn to shop, though, if you need a grill before the backyard BBQ season begins. That's where you might be able to save money in March. In March of last year, there were over 20 grill offers. There might not be much variation, but you never know when you might come across a gem.

#9 Jewelry Items

Jewelry Items

The majority of jewelry gift-giving occasions, including Mother's Day, occurs in March; therefore, it is likely that larger retailers are providing substantial discounts. This allows you to peruse new jewelry without experiencing any sense of urgency, as it will not significantly strain your finances.

#10 Garden Tools

Garden Tools

Well with summer approaching there is definitely a new found interest in gardening and outdoor upkeep for many people. Hence our recommendation for products to buy in March. Get a good deal of offers on garden supplies and tools during the month of March if you are planning a fresh new spring look for your backyard.

#11 Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment

March can be a good time to set up your home gym if you haven't previously done so under quarantine. People are less inclined to buy exercise equipment as the weather warms up and they can (finally) work out outside, which results in sales of these goods. As long as they're still in stock, you may probably find treadmills, exercise cycles, and dumbbells on cheap this month.

#12 Kids Clothing

Kids Clothing

This is one purchase you are making all year round and definitely also the one that takes up most of your budget, every season every year! Children outgrow their clothes, even if adults may be able to use them for another year or more! In other words, if you don't have a hand-me-down sibling setup, a new season means purchasing. In order to compete, retailers give parents a break by giving discounts on toddler and kid's apparel. Additionally, as Easter is quickly approaching, you'll probably come across some alluring deals on adorable Easter dresses, Easter suits, and Easter ensembles.

But timing is everything: as stores prepare to stock summer fashion in April (yes, really), look towards the end of the month for last-minute Easter deals and the first blossoming of spring clearance sales for the largest savings on kids’ formalwear and spring apparel. To find the best deals and offers on kid’s apparel don’t forget to check out Target, Macy’s and Kohl’s kids section.

#13 Fragrances


The more spicy winter smells wind up on sale since fresh flowery spring perfumes are generally offered in March. This covers not only deodorant, body wash, and perfume, but also scents found in the home, such as candles and cleaning supplies.

#14 Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners

Conversely, March is also a good time to consider warm season necessities like a new air conditioner. In order to create place for new models, retailers are lowering the prices on unsold inventory from the previous year.

What Not to Buy in March?

While we provided you with a long list of items you should be planning to buy in March there are also some products that you should wait out until the month of March is gone. Here are items to avoid buying during March:

Spring Apparel

Didn’t you hear that it is wise not to buy new season’s collection as soon as it is released? Well that is true for the month of March too! As March is the beginning of the spring apparel season, so any savings we get on these goods will be minimal at most.

Major Appliances

Not exactly one of the best things to buy in March, if you are planning to purchase any major appliances then it is better you wait until the month of March is gone! Especially as the big appliances sale events like black Friday, Cyber Monday and President Day have just gone by, it is better that you don’t dip into making a hasty and expensive purchase anytime soon.

Android Phones

We often tend to purchase a smartphone only when our budget allows so but the truth is purchasing cellphone is also unwise during some seasons more so than other. And that is the spring season. New Android phone launches often occur in the early part of the year or in August and October, and it's usually not until Prime Day in July or Black Friday in November that we locate great deals on them.


Presidents' Day was a major day for mattresses as well, and although new models may bring some reductions in March, the greatest deals usually don't come around until Memorial Day or more better the Amazon Prime day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is March a Good Time to Shop?

Provided only for some items, March is indeed a great time to shop for certain items more than the others. Overall, we don’t rate March to be the happiest shopping month of the entire year.

Should I Buy Spring Clothing in March?

Shopping for the fresh season outfits as soon as they are released isn’t such a wise idea hence it is recommended that you hold off on spring clothing shopping during March and instead plan out to use the last year’s spring outfits until the price drops on the new collection.

Are There Any Sales in March?

While there are some minor shopping festivals in March, March isn’t exactly the big month when it comes to shopping sales and events.

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