Last Minute Halloween Picks: Your Guide to Costume, Candies, Decorations and Much More

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Last Minute Halloween Picks: Your Guide to Costume, Candies, Decorations and Much More

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Too late for the Halloween? Is it scary late? Don’t worry, it’s never too late to start and we will help you get right on the track. Yes, Halloween décor are not a one day thing but these decorations and planning start way before the actual day. You choose the costume, pick the theme, decorate the home and plan trick or treating. Not to mention thinking about meals on Halloween, well finger food can get scary.

But if you have been too caught up with life for a while now then you must get right on the Halloween spirit train. It’s never too late to become spooky and here is your detailed Halloween guide to have the most fun even on the last minute.

And the best part? This Halloween falls on the Sunday night, so double the fun and you might not be hating Monday that much now!

The Best Movies to Watch on Halloween

Is it even Halloween night if you don’t watch a scary movie being under the blankets alone or with someone special? Halloween is great because there is a lot you can do and even if you are not up for trick or treating no one will judge you when you say ‘I was up watching scary movies all night.’ Well, to say that you must have a list of Halloween most amazing movies to watch. Here are some.

Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary's Baby, directed by Roman Polanski, is a classic horror film that should be seen this Halloween season. Mia Farrow plays a young woman whose husband secretly makes a bargain with the devil. Got intrigued yet?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This movie released in 2003, never gets old. A group of friend traveling their way through Texas and how they dodge a serial killer? We don’t think, things can get better than this. It’s fun, scary and all in one a great watch to enjoy with your friends.


Not a scary pick but vampires and wolves reek of Halloween. Oh did we give away too much of it? Anyway, rare is the case where we find someone who hasn’t watched or heard all about twilight. But if you are with your significant other, this recommendation isn’t bad. And maybe at the end you can say the famous ‘still a better love story than twilight, you both have’. 

Hocus Pocus

A little unique fun this Halloween. Watch hocus pocus with your family and enjoy the best casting, great story and an ideal fir for Halloween. To put is simple, with Hocus Pocus, you can't go wrong. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy feature as three Salem, Massachusetts witches who are revived just in time for Halloween in this family-friendly comedy.


There is something about classics that no one else can compete with. Here is a reason for our argument. Also, we now have a better understanding of why Frankenstein is such a popular Halloween costume. In this famous 1931 film, a scientist brings a horrific creature to life, which leads to both of their deaths.

The Addams Family

There's a lot to love about the Addams Family movies–not just the first, but also the second! Great humor, hilarity, and a gothic aesthetic? In addition, Angelica Huston as Morticia is a sight to behold. These are ideal watching for anyone who enjoys the Halloween spirit but doesn't want to be scared.


Have you even had a party with friends or cousins if you haven’t played cluedo? The fun game where everyone is brainstorming to find who did what, how when and where makes most of us frustrated and excited at the same time. And if you love playing cluedo, you are going to love this movie as well. This drama about a death that occurs during a dinner party is almost as entertaining as the board game, and it will have you guessing—and laughing—until the stunning final conclusion.

The Great Pumpkin

This is a timeless classic that the entire family will appreciate. Snoopy and the crew have been pulling families of all ages into the Halloween mood for more than 50 years. The animation may even bring up memories of trick-or-treating from your childhood.


The real name to a vampire, true things give true pleasure and you can feel this when you watch this movie. Thus, this Halloween, Look no further than Dracula for a truly classic Halloween film. The Transylvanian vampire is played by Bela Lugosi.

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Things to Do On Halloween

Trick or treating and Halloween costumes are a given but people search for all sorts of fun and creative ways to celebrate Halloween every year. After all the quarantine and pandemic hit, we urge to live life a lot more happily as each moment is precious. So if you are also up for the idea of making this Halloween the best of all, here are some fun ways to try.


Gifts on Halloween might sound new but you can try it out and once you see the smile spreading on your loved ones’ faces it will be all worth it. Halloween gift ideas are unique and there are many things you can try. If you are though worried about getting a little problem with your budget, then Halloween gifts under $50 will do the job.

Share some Scary Stories

Don’t let the spooky day go away without some real scary vibes. Make a night of it by roasting marshmallows and telling frightening stories around the fire. If you're looking for some scary storey inspiration, look through our collection of family-friendly tales or read aloud from the top Halloween literature.

Corn Maze

A little adventure for Halloween and those who are a fan of Jeepers Creepers will love this idea. Fall farm trips generally involve a journey through the corn maze, and many establishments provide "haunted" versions that take place after dark for Halloween. One pro tip? Don’t take the kids with you.

Halloween Tic Tac Toe

Your children will like not only playing but also creating this game. After all, there's a reason it's a classic!

Halloween Reads

Add the best Halloween books for kids to your child's collection, which range from sweet to slightly creepy. From learning all about Halloween history to different traditions of Halloween all around the world, your kids will love some deep insight into their most favorite holiday of the year.

Food to Get On Halloween

We got some of the great ideas to spend Halloween, some even better movies to watch and some fun costume plans for you but do you have something to munch on? While you and your friends sit for a movie after a day there is something you guys need to feast on. And if you let them stay hungry for a lot late who knows what real beasts come from inside? We dare you, not let things go that bad.


Whether is a super bowl game, a slumber party or anything simple to complicated pizza goes all the way. It is one of the simplest, cleanliest (you don’t need plates too) and pocket friendly way to fill up those hungry stomachs. And do you even know a single person who doesn’t love pizza? Well, us neither.

The right place to try out pizzas this Halloween is Papa John’s. We are not the ones to favor, but with their amazing taste, customization and Papa John’s COUPONS you are in for some real fun.


There might be one or two scared voices that will say ‘I don’t want pizza’, don’t lose calm yet maybe they just had it for lunch. After all that’s the only reasonable explanation to say not to pizza. And it is always nice to have a backup too. We are thinking burgers. The classic hamburgers from the Habit are grilled, deliciously rich and flavored with the love for burgers. When you buy from the habit don’t forget to use their vouchers. You can score as much as 60% off.

Cook Together

If you are celebrating Halloween as a first big event with your significant other or loved one then by all means we recommend you spending the most quality time together. You can watch movies, make candies, decorate together and even cook together. After all, we believe, nothing bonds you more than cooking great meals together. Shop with dinnerly promo codes to get all ingredients right at your doorstep.

Last Minute Halloween Décor

It’s never too late to put up a scary witch or a large banner that scars everyone for life (just kidding). The thing about Halloween décor is that it can stay way after Halloween and no one will mind it. But people love it. So if you haven’t gotten on the scary webs and colored pumpkins yet here are some Halloween ideas to get you started? And these creative ideas don’t take any more than few hours. So how about pulling an all-nighter and looking real scary on Halloween because you are deprived off sleep?


Not the Ouija board thing but locate the white table cloths or even napkins to get on it. All you need is few white fabrics and a permanent marker - draw some eyes and a howling mouth. The creepier the better. You can also choose red paint to write something creepy on a white banner and get it on the entrance. Just some harmless Halloween vibes.

Bubbly Cauldron

Thank us later for this one as we have got you covered. Simply fill a cast-iron Dutch oven with dry ice (available at grocery shops) and a little water to create frightening fog. You can keep it in the hallway or even at the kitchen counter as this one Halloween idea never gets old.

Garage Door

If you have a garage door with a little window to peek into then here is your chance to get all creative. Take some card sheets and draw some hands or faces. Cut them and paste them inside the garage door window.

You can also get a yellow light bulb to lighten the garage so passerby will see hands calling for help from inside. Just stay clear of the police and tell them it’s just harmless fun.

Paint the Pumpkins

When it comes to pumpkins there are many creative ideas you can come across. Our favorite one is to paint it in the most attractive yet spookiest spray paints. Opt for black green or red spray paints and get your pumpkins all ready to sit and scare on the sidewalk. You can also hang the pumpkins on the drive way and draw some eyes on them too.

Another Idea is to get a great trick-or-treaters and well-wishers with a wheelbarrow full of undecorated pumpkins with a leaf theme.

Just using new or vintage wallpaper or wrapping paper, cut out leaves and flowers. Paint fall-colored leaves on green, blue, or white pumpkins with a leaf-shaped stencil. Once the paint is dry, trace the outline using a white paint pen.

Wrap the Pumpkins

This easy craft, which is excellent for adorning your fall table, requires only three materials and a few minutes to complete. If bittersweet vine isn't available, use grapevine and hot glue the berries on. To make, wrap bittersweet vine over white pumpkins and secure with t-pins and hot glue.

Scary Spider Web Wall

You not cleaning the ceilings can come in handy this time of the year but there are less unhygienic ways to get what you need too. The scary spider web on wall is one of those creative ideas.

With sticky seeming spider webs and ominous black painted branches, add layers of eeriness to a Halloween buffet. Simply wrap artificial spider web material around and through branches that have been spray painted green and stretch it across the buffet wall.

Wine Bottles AS Candle Sticks

Time to empty those wine bottles, we know you are happy with this one and this could be the only decoration you get on board with (no judgements here). Since, at each Halloween celebration, an ominous flicker is a requirement. Matte black spray paint can be used to paint wine bottles. Place an orange taper candle in each opening once it has dried.

Frequently Asked Questions

By dressing up and celebrating with trick or treating, is the oldest tradition of having Halloween fun.

There are many Halloween candies and you can choose different ones to make a mix and match candy collection.

There are many things to do on Halloween. Decorate your home, dress up in spooky characters, throw a Halloween party or go trick or treating with your friends.

Halloween is one of the most fun events of the year. You can enjoy the scary night with your friends and even dress up as a group to have some laughs.

Halloween decorations can be scary but they are also fun. Make sure to enjoy the Halloween rather than getting spooked.

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