How Much Is a Take 5 Full Synthetic Oil Change? All You Need to Know

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How Much Is a Take 5 Full Synthetic Oil Change? All You Need to Know

Oil changing is the one component of car maintenance that you cannot get away from. Eventually, you will have to succumb to the high oil replacement prices and go take your car for a much-needed service. It is just one of those things that come with the purchase of a car. You have to ensure your car keeps running in that smooth condition.

But what is the price of an oil change? Is there any difference between traditional oil and synthetic oil? Which one is better? What are the factors that affect the price of an oil change? Can you go without an oil replacement? Would that be a problem for your car? Well, all of these burning questions have valid answers which we will be discussing in this blog today. So, without any further ado, let’s start right away.

How Much Does the Synthetic Oil Change Cost at Take 5?

The whole package costs around $79.99 for a vehicle. You may think why is take 5 oil change so expensive? This high price tag includes not just the oil change but also the OEM filter replacement. Take 5 makes the extra effort of doing more than just a simple oil replacement. This is why they are popular and their synthetic oil change replacement is slightly expensive.

This price tag can vary based on certain factors which we will discuss further in this blog. As for other oil change services at Take 5, keep reading.

How Much Is an Oil Change at Take 5?

There are many kinds of services that you can opt for at Take 5. The price range usually varies from $5.97 to $9.97 per quart of oil. However, you should note that these charges can change at any time as per different conditions and brand’s terms. So, do keep a lookout on their official pages to know more about the latest updates.

As for how much is take 5 oil change? This is the current price list;

  • 5 Minute Conventional at $41.93.
  • Castrol GTX Ultra Clean at $41.93.
  • Castrol GTX High Mileage at $56.93.
  • Castrol GTX Magnatec (blend) at $58.93.
  • Castrol Edge Extended Performance (synthetic) at $84.99.
  • Castrol Edge (synthetic) at $76.93.

Is an Oil Change Necessary?

Yes, an oil change is an extremely significant part of a car’s maintenance. If you do not opt for regular oil changes, then the crude oil creates friction in the engine. As a result, many parts of the engine find it hard to move and take extra effort to function properly. The heat is built up and the pressure increases which ultimately damages the engine. Plus, the vehicle that you have bought so dearly would have to suffer the consequences and you will have to pay way more than a simple oil change.

So, for an engine to work smoothly, you must get the oil changed frequently. This will keep all parts of the engine working as they should, ensuring a smooth drive on the roads.

Is Synthetic Oil Better Than Traditional Oil? What is the Difference?

There are many differences between both the oils but the primary is the quality between the two. Traditional oil is made up of petroleum and other performance additives to enhance its working in the vehicle. As for synthetic oil, it is made from different chemicals artificially in the laboratory. Some of these chemicals are alkylated aromatics, synthetic esters, and polyalphaolefin. Performance additives are also added to synthetic oil.

Now, you are probably wondering which one is better. It goes without saying that synthetic oil is better than traditional oil. It is not like the traditional oil won’t help your engine at all because it can provide sufficient smoothness and lubrication to the engine as needed. However, when it comes to synthetic oil, it does not just help with lubrication but favors the overall functioning of the engine. This is why it is both preferred and pricey.

But What About Synthetic Blend? Is it Different Too?

Yes, there are two kinds of synthetic oil, pure and blend. Blend synthetic oil is made up by mixing traditional oil and synthetic oil. It is better than the traditional oil but not as great as the full synthetic oil. You can find it to be priced between traditional and synthetic oil. This is why pure synthetic oil will cost you more than the blend.

5 Known Benefits of Synthetic Oil

  1. It has the ability to withstand high and low temperatures, unlike regular oil. This allows the oil to break down way slower than traditional oil would, making it easier to run the engine smoothly.
  2.  Synthetic oil is designed in a way that it carries components that are of all the same size. This helps in the uniform movement of the molecules, ultimately resulting in lesser friction and smooth functioning. Traditional oil does not have molecules of the same size which makes it prone to relatively more friction.
  3. It also provides engine wear protection.
  4.  It is durable and would require far fewer oil changes compared with traditional oil.

8 Factors That Affect the Cost of Oil Change!

You have heard all about the benefits of synthetic oil and you are probably considering making the shift from traditional oil. But why does it have to be so pricey and expensive? Well, it has its fair share of reasons related mostly to its quality.

Even then, you will find that some of the places have a shift in prices of oil change whether it is traditional or synthetic. They may be less costly or may be pricier than Take 5 oil change. This is because there are a lot of factors that affect oil prices. Let’s go through them one by one.

1.Oil Type

As we mentioned before, different oil types carry different price tags. Traditional oil is a refined type of petroleum. It may be enough to lubricate the engine and reduce friction but it is not the best among all oil types. Similarly, synthetic oil is better but it is of two types, blend and pure. Both of them are priced differently. So, the price of oil change depends on the kind of oil you wish to put in your engine.

2.Life and Status of Your Car’s Engine

Your car’s engine is one of the most important parts. If it is running smoothly, then your drive will be smooth too. However, with time, the engine may lose its efficiency and may wear down. This causes the parts to heat up and work twice as hard in moving successfully. As a result of excess heat, the friction is increased and the engine uses more oil than normal. This is why you need regular oil changes so that even if your engine is old, it can carry on with its efficiency without damaging itself in the process.   

This is how the price of oil change depends on your car’s engine and current status. Even if your vehicle is old, if you have carried on with regular maintenance checks and oil changes, the engine will not age as fast as it would with no oil changes. The older the engine and your car’s status, the more oil it would take to lubricate the moving parts. Hence, the price tag would go way higher in this case.  

3.Manual Vs Hiring an Expert

The cost of the oil change also depends on whether you are doing it by yourself or hiring a professional to do it. When you opt to hire a professional mechanic or a brand’s expert services, you don’t have to worry about the supplies or watch any videos on how to do the oil change. The people in charge would do everything from top to bottom.

However, when it comes to doing it yourself, you will need to go on a search for supplies and the oil itself. It may cost you not just your time but also a hefty amount of money unless you already know how to do it. So, compare both options, judge your capability of doing the oil change, and then make the budget-friendly decision. You should note that some of the brands like Take 5 do not just change the oil but also replace the filter in their package too.

4.Status of Your Car

The cost of an oil change depends highly on the current condition of your car. Do you take it on steep roads or do you drive carefully even over speed bumps? Depending on the driving condition, the car’s engine would consume less or more oil. And if it consumes more, then you would be making your trip quite frequently to the oil changing service than you initially intended.

The driving conditions that bring more frequent oil changes than necessary are if you are using your brakes quite often, driving on an uneven surface like a terrain, or if you have to drive in extreme temperatures. This would all eventually lead to the oil burning more quickly, the engine working twice as hard and needing frequent oil changes.

5.Mileage of Your Car and Car Model

How frequently you have to change the oil in your car’s engine also depends on the model of your car. Some cars can run as far as 10,000 miles before they would need an oil change while others would only pull half the distance before you will have to make a trip to the oil changing service. So, the prices of oil change may also vary if you have an older car model.

6.Durability of Oil Filters

Oil filters are just as important as the oil that is going in the engine. The oil filters trap any dust or other contaminants that may harm the oil and eventually disrupt the efficiency of the engine. Hence, it is important to change the oil filters equally as you would need to change the oil.

Now this brings us back to how far back your car goes. Because if it is an older model, then the oil filters are just one thing. Other components like the drain plug and seals may also be prone to wear and tear as the car ages. Hence, you could be looking at a much heftier price tag than just an oil change. This is why it is incredibly important that you keep your car up to date. It is not just about the smoothness in driving but also a setback to your savings account.


Another big factor in oil change prices is the location where you reside. You might not know this but different states have different prices for oil change. This is because of the regulations of each state and the various conditions applied to sectors and industries. You may find that some of the states have a lesser price tag on oil changes than others. It may not be a huge difference but it is enough to add up over time as you get to frequent oil changes. So, it is best that you know where you are living and the average prices for an oil change in your state. This is only so you don’t get robbed of high prices in a state other than yours where you expected an oil change’s cost to be the same as the one in your state.

Similar to location being a big factor, the services by a brand also affect the prices of an oil change. Some of them may offer additional services along with the oil change, making your billing amount far more than you intended. Like the take 5 oil change reviews claim that they offer an oil replacement along with the il change. So, do the proper research and comparison before you make a purchase.

8.Brands and Oil Changing Services

The brand name can heavily impact the oil-changing prices. Some places like Walmart cater to the average audience. They serve economical options and provide a low-cost alternative to the branded and more specific oil change services. This is why you will find that some of the price tags of oil changes are heavier than others. While it is completely fine to go to Walmart for the oil change, you should note the kind of oil they are using and the quality of parts they are using for replacements.

Since the oil change becomes costlier if it is accompanied by an oil filter replacement, it is important that you know which brands sell local parts, which sell generic parts, and which sell the parts that your engine needs specifically. In addition, when that ship sails, you need to know where to buy the parts so you can spend within your budget and make the right financial decision.

Wrapping Up!

All in all, a synthetic oil change at Take 5 can cost around $79.99. It does not just include an oil change but also a filter replacement. It may be costly but synthetic oil is pricier than traditional oil because of its large number of benefits; it increases the longevity of the engine and provides an overall working efficiency to the vehicle.

Even with the average price, you might find a difference in these rates among different locations. This is because an oil change depends on a number of factors which may or may not affect its overall price. If you think the prices are high, you can always opt for a promo code like the take 5 oil change coupon. They are available online for free and can help you cut down the prices to a much more favorable rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Cheapest Oil Change?

Traditional or conventional oil change is the cheapest type of oil changing service of all. However, its prices may vary depending on your location, the brand you are opting for, and your car model.

2. Is Synthetic Blend the Same as Pure Synthetic Oil?

No, they both are different. A synthetic blend is a mixture of traditional oil and synthetic oil. It costs less than pure synthetic oil but is more expensive than traditional oil.

3. How Often Should I Replace the Engine Oil?

It depends on the car model you currently possess. Usually, cars need an oil change every 10000 miles. But the number may vary from 3000 miles to 15000 miles depending on the model of your car.

4. What Time Does Take 5 Oil Change Close?

Take 5 claims to do one of the fastest oil changes. They say that it takes only 10 minutes for them to be done with the whole process while you wait inside the car.

5. What Time Does Take 5 Oil Change Open?

The whole process takes around 10 minutes.

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