How to Get Sephora Gift Birthday on Your Big Day

Sep 08, 2021   |   6 min read


How to Get Sephora Gift Birthday on Your Big Day


Did someone say gift? That too from Sephora? Sephora gift guide is a walk in paradise and Sephora lovers know how hard it is to control the urge to add everything into your cart at Sephora. Well it is really tough. Sephora is a store with tones of items to make every beauty lover happy but to get a gift from Sephora is another great thing.

Sephora birthday gift and Sephora free birthday gifts are a trend that has been here for a while and it seems like the Sephora owners do really know the right button to push. The Sephora gift cards make everyone feel happier and blessed than ever specially on their birthdays.

Yes, no exaggeration, Birthday Gift Sephora could be your happiest moment on that special day and if you weren’t aware of this great opportunity until yet, then this article will be your complete guide to Sephora gift card online and other ways to get that Sephora digital gift card. And last but not least don’t forget to check that Amazon Sephora gift card.

Sephora Birthday Gift Rules

It's simple to get your free birthday present during your birthday month, but there are a few guidelines to follow.

Every year, during the month of their birthday, all Beauty Insider members receive one free birthday present. Birthday presents can be redeemed in Sephora shops, on, or at Sephora within JCPenney stores in the two weeks before and after your birthday, as well as during your birthday calendar month (gift selection varies).

How to Redeem Sephora Birthday Gift?

Well, the million dollar question. Just because you are not willing to take that stroll in the Sephora aisle, doesn’t mean you aren’t curious to get that Sephora birthday gift. Thankfully, you can get and redeem the Sephora birthday gift online, right in your pjs from home. However there is a catch. Unlike walking in the store to get Sephora gift without spending a penny, to get it online you need to purchase from the store.

Don’t worry yet, because this will open the doors of freedom to choose the right gift for you. You can easily pick the Sephora gift from either of the below mentioned categories. And since the fourth gift is a rotating product so you can easily get the chance to switch it if the product that month isn’t something you would like. Isn’t freedom just great?

Just follow the few steps below to avail the Sephora gift online:

  • As always, shop online or through the Sephora app. make sure you're logged in to your Beauty Insider account before continuing.
  • Place the items you wish to buy in your shopping basket.
  • You may pick from a variety of birthday gift alternatives at checkout, and they will be included for free with your online order.
  • You may order online and pick up your item in-store at Sephora. Depending on the store's availability, you can redeem your birthday present when you pick up your online order. So, when you arrive, check with local business to see what's available.

What Does Sephora Birthday Gift Include?

Gender reveal even from the closest of your relatives won’t excite you as much as the Sephora birthday gift reveal. The Sephora birthday gift reveal is a day we all wait and no offence but we don’t think there is anything that makes us as happy as it does. Okay, maybe a parcel from Sephora could beat the competition?

The Sephora gift card for 2021 covers various categories such as makeup, skincare and hair care. These free gifts fall under various brands such as NARS, Moroccanoil and Laneige. During their birthday month, all members of its Beauty Insider club are eligible for these free presents.

With the current online rotating gift now available to all three tiers of the programme: Insider, VIB, and Rouge, the programme will give members with not only more alternatives, but even more choices than ever before, beginning in 2021.

The limited-edition item is only available online and will cycle throughout the year, so customers should keep an eye out for new product options during their Birthday month. Sephora will begin rotating presents in January 2021 with the Kérastase Nutritive Shampoo and Conditioner.

And for those who were worried that 2021 would be same as the previous year, the Sephora gift list 2021 is one reason to believe that it is better in many ways. So while you could still be waiting for that 2020 birthday gift to arrive from your relatives, the Sephora 2021 gift is here to make you happier than ever. Here are some things you can find in Sephora gift package 2021.


NARS is on the wish list of every makeup lover and the makeup lovers can get this excellent piece of double treat from nars. The nars duo deal is a great birthday present for anyone who wishes to get something wonderful in their mail box. This deal includes a gorgeous shade of confidence with nars bronzer as well as a nars lip balm for those dry Chappy and dull lips.

All you need is to be the Sephora insiders, VIB and VIB rouge member to avail this opportunity.


High on self-care the Laneige beauty gift from Sephora is pretty both inside and out. This smart skincare trio from Laneige has a generous amount of product to make the most of experience. You will get a water based sleeping mask, a water based hydrating cream and a water based mask for your dry lips. Go to sleep with this wonderful night time routine and you will wish your birthday came various times an year.

Moroccan Oil

New to the race of Sephora birthday gift but not unexperienced, this deal from Moroccanoil for Sephora is to die for. The Moroccan oil trio has three cute and mesmerizing beauty essentials that you would love to have. You will get a mini hydrating styling cream, a mini Moroccanoil treatment and a beauty mini night body serum for that flawless soft skin.

This deal has all the products to make you feel comfortable and best in your skin. The Moroccan oil trio is something every beauty lover desires and lucky for those whose birthdays are near.

Kérastase Birthday Gift

This month's fourth birthday present is a set of Kérastase Mini Nutritive Shampoo and Conditioner. While Kérastase isn't the most popular brand on Sephora, it's nice to see a "surprise" brand on the list of Sephora birthday freebies this year.

And with the fame you hear about this product, the Kérastase birthday combo will definitely give some life to your hair. This gift opportunity is available for all VIB and VIB rouge members.

Rare Beauty

All Selena Gomez lovers, get your attention here please. This smart duo of mini liquid blush and mini lip soufflé from rare beauty is everything you need.  This rotating gift is here for grabs for Sephora VIB and VIB rouge members. And the best part? This gorgeous duo is a part of their vegan and cruelty free product range. And for those who are afraid of trying out this new brand? There won’t be an opportunity better than this.

Sephora Freebies

The NARS makeup duo (Mini Bronzer in Laguna and Mini Afterglow Lip Balm in Laguna), Laneige skincare trio (Mini Lip Sleeping Mask, Mini Water Sleeping Mask, and Mini Water Bank Moisture Cream), Moroccanoil self-care kit (Mini Hydrating Styling Cream, Mini Moroccanoil Treatment, and Mini Night Body Serum), and the incredible Kérastase haircare duo are among the 2021 Sephora Birthday Gifts (Mini Nutritive Shampoo & Conditioner).

What is Sephora Beauty Insider Club?

Have you waited at the cashier to get free samples for products you have been hearing of? Free samples are a treat for all of us and most of us don’t even care if we have desired the product ever. The word free sample pops and we are all ears. The Sephora beauty insider birthday gifts are one such thing. While one could be excited to blow candles on the cake or get that first bite of cream at the top, some of us are really happy for the genuine things.

No offence, but Sephora birthday gift is the real treat and if you are confused about being a beauty insider member to get this deal then here is the untied knot for you. The Sephora beauty insider is simply a wonderful reward program for their loyal crowd. When you are a part of this gracious program, you will be rewarded each time you make a purchase at Sephora.

So, the more you shop, the more rewards you get. Have you seen any deal genuine and ‘too good to be true’ as this? All you need is to register to join the beauty insider club. The registration is free of cost and just don’t forget to claim the prize on your birthday.

Claim Your Sephora Gift Card

Some love click-click sound of adding into the cart while some like the appealing walk of aisles to fill their trolleys. Whether its Sephora e gift card or physical one, you can get the opportunity of both. Going to a Sephora shop is the cheapest and most "free" option to claim your Sephora birthday gift. You will not be required to purchase anything in order to claim it. Simply mention that you're a Beauty Insider and that it's your birthday month to a Sephora Cast Member.

He or she can set you up with your birthday gift after you provide your registered Beauty Insider email address. You may not get confetti bursting through the ceiling (as you deserve, of course), however the feeling would be the same.

Your birthday gift selections will be shown at the cashier. It's possible that not all of them will be available when you arrive. Choose your present and it will be given to you free of charge. And this great opportunity will let you walk out of Sephora without breaking your bank.

Other Ways to Get Discount at Sephora

Sephora is an addiction and there is no doubt about that. People who shop at Sephora find it hard to stop for so many reasons. From filling their carts to dreaming about the wide range of products at Sephora, you are under some serious spell once you get a hold of those gorgeous shades of lip colors and blush ons.

While most of us give genuine reasons to keep breaking our bank, nothing is worth going into debt. No! Not even that clay mask which makes your skin appear five years younger. But that doesn’t mean we want to deprive you of the basic happiness either, hence here are some other not so well-known shopping hacks to score great deals at Sephora.


Coupons are your best friend, no matter what store we are talking about. Especially for Sephora coupons, the Sephora employee discount is worth the grab. If you know someone who works at Sephora, never let them go. Even for selfish reasons, they could simply be your golden ticket.

Sephora Gift Cards

Like Duh, we know this has been a talk for over few minutes now, but it is worth mentioning various times, we just wanted to tell you, with Sephora gift cards you can score up to $100 discount. All you need is to be wise enough!

One of our personal favorites is this Sephora trick!

You may get up to 30% cashback on all your online purchases. On regular days, your Sephora purchases may earn you anywhere from 3% to 5% cashback. This is basically free money that you shouldn't and can't pass up. You may redeem FREE Sephora gift cards once you've accumulated enough points.

Sephora x Jc Penney

This is just one of the numerous Sephora hacks you may use. Sephora goods are accessible in JCPenney shops, if you didn't previously know. Having said that, you may save up to 20% on “JCPenney in Sephora” gift cards by shopping online at Raise or Cardpool.

Sephora x Amazon

We love collabs and when there is a cross between the two most mesmerizing places to shop, imagine the results? Well, amazon doesn’t need a reason to be everyone’s favorite store but the Sephora products at amazon are worth your attention. And the best part? During special events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime day, you can get smart discounts on all of the Sephora products.

Semi Annual Sales

People who love Sephora birthday gift card might think all great things come once a year but that’s not true at all. When you are an avid buyer at Sephora you can get great things twice a year and maybe thrice adding up the birthday gift from Sephora too!

Fortunately, Sephora holds a spring (in April) and fall (in November) sale for VIB, Rouge, and Beauty Insider members each year. This is when Sephora holds its greatest sale, with discounts ranging from 10% to 20% depending on your level as a VIB, Rouge, or Beauty Insider. So, for starters, don't forget to join up for their Beauty Insider programme.

Sephora Samples

You might love that travel size pouch but there is another way to get discount at Sephora too. Sure, it may be tempting to pick up a few travel-sized products while in line at the checkout, why pay for them when you can receive free samples of almost everything in the store? Simply request a little container of whatever you're interested in. Each area - cosmetics, skin care, and scent - allows you to select up to three items.