What ATMs Are Free for Biolife Card - A Comprehensive Guide!

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What ATMs Are Free for Biolife Card - A Comprehensive Guide!

Did you recently make a plasma donation at BioLife? Are you happy about the payment you have received? Are you trying to figure out how to use the card and which ATMs would not charge you upon a withdrawal? These are all burning questions but luckily each one has an answer waiting for you! We will cover them all in this blog!

BioLife has a unique way of paying for your donations. It does it through the debit card that is specialized by the brand itself and is known as the BioLife debit card. It is automatically credited with the balance you have gained through the donation and is offered to you by the local Plasma Donation Center that you visited.

In this blog, we will explore the kind of debit card that is the BioLife debit card, see how it is used, and answer all the related queries you may have about the debit card and its balance. So, let’s start right away!

How Does the BioLife Debit Card Work?

You may have your answers to how much does biolife pay for plasma and how much does biolife plasma pay new donors? But what about after you get those funds? You already know how much does biolife plasma pay per donation and that BioLife card is the way you will get paid for your plasma donations. Do you like this unique method?

Well, this simple but effective method is the brand’s way of saying they are grateful for the time and commitment you have offered to the sick patients. This small contribution may be an effort on your end to raise a few extra dollars for your bank balance but it also puts you in a good position for the patients too.

So, if you do receive this card, it will automatically fill up with the balance you have earned from the donations. This easy method allows you to get the funds without any hassle. Plus, it is safe and secure. You do not even have to make trips or request the center multiple times. The money will be credited to the payment frequency you have agreed upon with your local center. However, you should note that these local centers already have a defined payment frequency.

It may be a specialized card but it is a Mastercard that is used on multiple platforms across the world. You can use this card wherever a debit Mastercard is used and pay for all the things through your BioLife debit card.

Moreover, you can withdraw the funds you have received from ATMs. The BioLife debit card works at around 900,000 ATMs around the world. You can use it both locally and internationally.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Use the BioLife Card

If you are having trouble understanding how to use the card, here is a guide that will take you through the steps so you can do it without any confusion.

1. Receiving the Card

Once the donation has been made, you will receive the BioLife card from the brand. However, it won’t start working right away. Just like any other debit card, it needs to have a PIN so you can use it safely in ATMs for your use. Not anybody can use your debit card, right? So, it must be activated.

There are two methods to activating it:

  • Through the Call

This is the easiest method. Call 888-472-0099. Once the call connects, you will be directed to give information and asked to follow a few steps. In this process, you can expect to confirm your date of birth and your card number to show proof of your identity. Here, you will be asked to provide a pin for your card that will activate the card within a few hours or minutes depending on the service.

2. Review and Sign

Once you have activated the card, it is advised by the brand that you sign on the back of your BioLife debit card. It further affirms your identity. Moreover, the brand suggests that you go through the required material that came with the card in a package so you are better updated with the information firsthand.

3. Go to the Cardholder Website

This special website is designed to offer you with additional features and perks of being a member of the BioLife debit card. First, you must register on the website using your card number which will then eventually offer you a unique username and password to access the account in a human-friendly manner. Here are the steps you need to follow;

  1. Go to the website; https://login.northlane.com/biolife.
  2. Find the First-time user section and then the Register your card now option. Click on it.
  3. Type in your card number. You will also be asked to type the security code present on the back of the card.
  4. Choose a username and a password for your account.
  5. Confirm your mailing address.
  6. Type in your mobile number and your email address. This will give you the benefit of getting real-time updates about your transactions.
  7. Accept the terms of use after reading.
  8. Confirm by clicking Submit.

4. Withdraw Money!

Now comes the fun part. You can get money from any ATM provided that it is eligible and compatible with your BioLife card. If you find the Mastercard or Visa option, then you are good to withdraw money from there. Other options are Money Pass and Allpoint which are also compatible.

You can also withdraw money from a local bank. However, this process may be tedious as you will have to submit a form with your personal details and the withdrawal amount you need at that moment. This deposit might be done right away or may take a couple of days.

If you want extra money, you can either increase the frequency of the donations or use the Biolife Coupons $700 for New Donors. How often can I donate plasma biolife? Twice per week and a day between the two donations.

What ATMs are Free for BioLife Debit Card?

There are around 900,000 ATMs around the world that give you the freedom to withdraw money from your BioLife debit card. However, it would be sad to know that none of them are free. You will be charged a small amount every time you make a transaction from the ATM.

Only the first transaction is free of surcharge. Every other donation you make after that will have a $2.25 fee attached to it. However, it may change upon new updates so do ask the customer service representative before you make a rash decision. If you check your balance from an ATM, it also comes with a small fee. It is around $0.50 and is immediately charged once you check the balance from the ATM machine.

Even bank withdrawals come with a fee. You will be charged $2.95 if you make a deposit from your BioLife debit card through a local bank. Make sure that you do not lose your card and keep it safe. To get a replacement, you will have to pay $4.95. We suggest that you go through the materials that you receive with the card in the package provided by the brand. It will help you stay informed on the fees and ways that you can avoid these small and big fees.

Can I Check My BioLife Debit Card Balance for Free?

Luckily, there are a few ways you can check your balance on the BioLife debit card for free! Here is a run-down of all of those methods:

  1. You can text BAL to 445544 and receive an instant update about the current balance on your debit card. However, you should note that this does not include the message costs and your mobile sim will be charged against those prices.
  2. You can also go to the cardholder website, access your account, and get all these sweet details for free. Make sure that you remember the username and password you used to sign up on the cardholder website.
  3. You can also make a call to the customer service representative through the number mentioned on the card. You can find this number at the back of the card and they will instantly let you know about the card balance after confirming your identity.

Is There a Way to Transfer the BioLife Funds to Your Personal Bank Account?

Yes, there is! You can transfer the money you received from the brand on your BioLife debit card to your personal debit card. You can keep the BioLife debit card as a formality to receive the funds by making the donation automatically and then easily transfer the balance to your personal bank account.

To do this, you will need to be registered on the BioLife cardholder website. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to the cardholder website.
  2. Log in using the username and password that you defined at the time of registration.
  3. Go to the Access $ tab.
  4. Make the necessary transactions. You will need your bank account number and your routing number. You can get these details by contacting your bank or by seeing the material of your personal bank account. Usually, you can find this information on your cheque book.
  5. After 2 to 3 days, you will have the money credited into your personal banking account.

You should note that the transactions you make are free unless the amount you are transferring is less than $300. In such cases, you will be charged a small transaction fee of around $1.95.

Wrapping Up!

All in all, plasma donations are a kind part of your end for the patients in need. However, when you do receive the funds from Biolife Plasma services for this donation, it can be a bit hard to get the process started because BioLife hands out these funds in a specialized debit card. Now, it may be a Mastercard that needs to be activated like any other debit card but it comes with its own perks and charges. For every transaction from the ATM, you can expect a small fee. Luckily, there are around 900,000 ATMs associated with this debit card so you can expect your time to be saved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Everyone Donate Plasma?

You must be at least 18 years old and weigh around 110 pounds. These are the general eligibility conditions. To give a donation, you will have to pass a screening and take a few tests to ensure you are healthy enough to partake in the donation.

How Do I Make Purchases Using My Biolife Card?

You can use the debit card option while making any purchase online. This would get you to a new page where you will be required to give your PIN. Enter it so you can get the transaction made within minutes.

Can You Donate Plasma 2 Days in a Row?

No, you cannot do it consecutively. You are advised to take a day in between your donations. Plus, there is also the condition of donating only twice per week. This is to ensure that you stay healthy while giving plasma to a sick patient.

What Should I Do When My Biolife Card Balance Reaches Zero?

You can keep it for future uses. We suggest keeping the card safe in case you decide to make a donation again. Once you do, the card will be automatically credited with the funds.

What Is the Difference Between Donating Blood and Plasma?

Blood includes platelets, red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma. While blood is a group of components, plasma is one component inside the blood. When you donate your plasma, only one component is extracted and the rest are directed back into your blood.

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