From the Best Wingstop Chicken Sandwich Flavor to the Least: 12 Flavors Ranked!

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From the Best Wingstop Chicken Sandwich Flavor to the Least: 12 Flavors Ranked!

Are you ready to hear about the best chicken sandwich to grace your mouth at Wingstop? Are you here to see if your favorite sandwich made it to the list? Or are you simply here to see which sandwiches you have yet to try and want to see if they would fit your taste palette? Then, you have come to the right place.

This is your way of finding the sandwich that might add to the list of your favorites. Sadly, if you are looking for the wingstop gluten free menu or keto at wingstop, then the sandwiches might not be the way to start! You can go on and try wings and some sides to keep you company.

So, without any further ado, let’s explore the top 12 sandwiches that we believe are a few of the best that Wingstop has to offer!

1. Plain

Now, a lot of people might think that a plain sandwich is far better than some of the other flavors at Wingstop. But that is the thing, you are here for something scrumptious. And it is not like plain sandwiches aren’t tasty. It is just that the plain sandwich at Wingstop might not be the bargain you are looking to have in a sandwich! The taste that you will find is of chicken tender enveloped in bread with a hint of seasoning that is a mix of black pepper garlic and onion powder.

Now, the chicken might be juicy but the seasoning is barely there. Plus, if you need a plain sandwich accompanied by a dipping sauce, then you might as well spend a little money on the flavors that are already mixed in the sandwich.

2. Mild

If you do not have a high spice tolerance but want just enough kick to hit your tastebuds, then this is a good option for you. However, it is just a slight upgrade to the plain sandwich at Wingstop.

While some believe that this sandwich consists of a tangy tomato paste, others call it a buffalo-style hot sauce. However, all of them agree that there is a combination of slight sweetness and a hint of spicy tang in the sandwich. Most people like the sweet flavors at Wingstop. If you are one, then you would likely want this flavor much above in the list of favorites.

3. Lemon Pepper

Another flavor that is on the mild side of the spice but brings a dry spice into the mix is this sandwich. The lemon pepper, as the name suggests, is one that is made up of lemon, pepper, and a surprise tanginess from the pickles. All in all, there won’t be any sauce dripping down your shirt or from the burger as you munch on your meal.

So, it is a good choice for people who like to keep it clean in public. Plus, it is not exactly spicy. Instead, it has a bit of a kick from the pepper that may be spicy only for a few people. Nonetheless, you will enjoy this sandwich if you want a non-messy, mild, and delicious burger.

4. Mango Habanero

This is almost the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. People who want that extra hot spiciness of the habanero balanced with the surprise delight of mango would like this interestingly unique flavor to bless their tastebuds. It is not highly spiced either.

The flavors are perfectly balanced. If you are worried about the thought of habanero, that is just there to scare you into the spicy tango. Plus, with the crunchy bites of chicken soaked in this amazing sauce, you can count on it to make you want one more again.

5. Louisiana Rub

Another dry flavor on the list is Louisiana Rub. It is a popular one among the choices of wings but the same flavor isn’t that far ahead in our list of top sandwiches. The spices include a mix of cayenne, paprika, black pepper, and garlic. The chicken is juicy and crisp, combined with the dry mix to offer you a non-messy delicious burger.

The spice level is on the average side too. The sauce is not there to drench you into a throat-burning spiciness but you might get a slight kick from the dry spices. However, the Wingstop Review shows that people have found it mild on the spice scale.  

6. Original Hot

Among all the wingstop chicken sandwich flavors, this flavor is the one that has garnered the most popularity. In addition, it is the one that gets the most recommendations if you are new to the brand. This is because it introduces you to the spiciness at Wingstop but it gives you just enough that you can keep yourself at bay.

Adding to that, it is also balanced greatly by the tanginess. The spiciness from the red pepper flakes might scare you at first but this is just the introduction of how spicy it can get at the restaurant.

7. Garlic Parmesan

This is one of the most in-demand sandwiches at Wingstop that is not on the spice scale at all. It has a creamy sauce blended with cheese, garlic, and butter. It offers you just the right amount of creaminess in addition to the crunchy bites provided by the chicken.

It is one of the greatest flavors that you would want to come back again to, at any time of the day! Most people might pair it up with different wingstop sides but you can just order another and make a whole meal out of it!

8. Hawaiian

Now, this is a controversial flavor on our list. You either like pineapples or you don’t! If you like this, there are high chances you put it on everything, even pizza! So, we thought that the best place for this sandwich was in the middle. However, its taste forced us to put it in the top 5 of our list!

As you probably have guessed, there is a pineapple but in the form of sauce. Along with the pineapple, there is honey mustard in the sauce that offers a slight tang. However, there is a greater sweet component in the tasting notes of this sandwich which you might like if you are a fan of sweet sandwiches at Wingstop!

9. Cajun

Now, if you want flavor to conquer spice, then this is the flavor you should seek. It does not just get you that spicy kick in your tastebuds but it blends that into a flavor that makes this sandwich a hit on any good day! So, you will feel that burning sensation in your mouth but you will be pleased by the flavor so much that you might ignore it. Plus, you can always order wingstop fries along with the sandwich with a creamy dipping sauce to balance it all out for your meal.

The flavors you can expect are a blend of cayenne pepper and paprika, along with the major star of the sandwich, Cajun seasoning. This flavor is a hit among both the sandwiches and wings at Wingstop, and is the go-to order of many!

10. Hickory Smoked BBQ

This sandwich made it into the top 3 because of its interesting layers of flavors. There are three different components in this scrumptious sandwich. One is the star of the show and the reason for its name, the smokiness from hickory. It gets you the wooden taste that is so often explored and demanded in most American sandwiches.

Then comes the two balancing acts of the sauce, the sweet taste and the slight kick of spiciness to blend it all into a flavorful sandwich that you just cannot get enough of! The crispy chicken just seems like a bonus in this blend of spice, smokiness, and sweetness that makes it one of our top sandwiches without a doubt.

11. Atomic

This sandwich is not only popular but also tests your spice limit. Even if you are not a fan of spice, you will be tempted to try it out and see if you can tolerate the spice. The buffalo-style sauce is the main reason that people are out coughing after their first bite of this sandwich. Plus, with the sauce dripping down in this sandwich, it leaves that burning sensation not just in your mouth but catches up on your lips too.

The name of the sauce is the Ghost Pepper hot sauce which adds peppers and other related spices into the mix to give you that boost of spiciness in just one bite! There are pickles in the sandwich too that might give you that slight refreshing flavor and balance the spice with some tanginess but don’t count on it too much! It will take your breath away!

12. Spicy Korean

Here we are, the best wingstop chicken sandwich flavor! If you check the spice level of this sandwich, it is not that high. It comes somewhere in the middle of the scale. However, it does have its own perks that make it the most in-demand sandwich at Wingstop. There would be little to no disagreements on this flavor!

You can expect a slight hickory smokiness to be there along with a blend of spices that make it the star of the show. This blend includes spicy soy glaze, sesame seeds, garlic, siracha, ginger, and chili flakes. The ranch adds a bit of creaminess to the sauce too! So, along with the spice and smokiness, you can get a flavorful bite too? Well, no wonder it is at the top and loved by many!

Wrapping Up!

So, what do you think of our list? Did your favorite sandwich match against our ranking or did we not give it enough honor? Well, that might happen! The tastebuds are subjective to each person’s taste palette. You might not like all the choices we have put up here but this blog definitely gives you a reason to go to Wingstop again!

However, the one thing that we can guarantee is that a wingstop chicken sandwich will hit all the right tasting notes on your palette if you get the flavor that is for you! If you still haven’t found that flavor, keep the search going! Don’t worry about the prices, the wingstop promo code 10 off entire order might get you some leverage with a sweet discount!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Wingstop So Expensive Now?

Due to inflation, the prices for chicken have gone higher. Hence, Wingstop has to increase its prices since its menu mostly consists of chicken. Plus, with Wingstop being a branded chain restaurant, it has a certain premium reputation that puts the prices already on a higher end.

Is Hawaiian a Good Wingstop Flavour?

Taste is a subjective opinion. Some people might like it while others may not. The interesting thing about this sandwich is that it does not have a solid pineapple piece. You will only find hints of pineapple in honey mustard sauce. So, if you prefer a sweet taste combined with a tangy flavor, then this sandwich might be for you.

How Many Chicken Sandwich Flavors Does Wingstop Have?

Wingstop has 12 different flavors in its range of chicken sandwiches. They all have a different level on the spice scale. However, you will find all kinds of flavors, from mild to sweet and from spicy to smokey.

Is Wingstop Chicken Sandwich White Meat?

Yes, the chicken breast used in the Wingstop chicken sandwich is white meat. It is a boneless piece of chicken, also known as chicken tender or chicken breast. It is coated in breading made by the brand and fried with soy oil.

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