The Best Wingstop Sides You Must Try!

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The Best Wingstop Sides You Must Try!

When it comes to Wingstop, your first instinct is to go for the wings. However, the wingstop sides are no joke either. They are the sidekicks that turn your plate of wings into a killer combination and a meal that you can enjoy with ease. But the real problem is ordering the sides. With so many options available, what should you eat? What are the best sides on that menu?

We did a little research on the taste of the different side items available at Wingstop. After a thorough investigation, we found that there were some dominating choices on that menu. So, let’s see which of the sides made it to our list.

The 6 Best Wingstop Sides to Buy

While the wingstop fries carry all the rage, our list includes items other than the fries. You can either go with this list of sides to pair up with your wings or experiment with your own choices.

1. Seasoned Fries

First up, we have the seasoned fries! Just like it sounds, these fries are seasoned with a bunch of spices. They are usually thick in size like the ones you would find with a steak and cooked in vegetable oil. The seasoning includes a mix of different spices with a defined ratio. This includes salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, oregano, parsley, and chili flakes.

Usually, people have complained that the seasoning is quite low when they have gotten their side of the seasoned fries but you can always request it before to get an adequate amount on your order. However, they are basic fries that you can enjoy with any dipping sauce or if you like the plain flavor of your fries.

2. Vegetable Sticks

Next up we have the veggie sticks. These are popular with people looking for keto-friendly options on the Wingstop menu. However, you can also have them if you are looking to include more vegetables in your diet. Plus, with the wings by your side dipped in a tantalizing sauce, you can compromise on eating some veggies to make your diet balanced.

The available options for vegetable sticks include celery and carrots. You can also order a mix of both of them if you want to get a little adventurous. Talking about adventures, if you want this side to be extra delightful on your tastebuds, make sure you pair them with the dipping sauces.

3. Cajun Fried Corn

If you are tired of eating fries and want a different side to go with your wings, then Cajun fried corn is the way to go! It is like corn on the cob but fried to perfection with a little bit of seasoning to make it melt in your mouth!

The seasoning that is put on the fried corn is what you would find on the seasoned fries (salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, oregano, parsley, and chili flakes) and Cajun seasoning. Together, they make a killer combination that is loved by many customers. 

4. Buffalo Ranch Fries

If you love ranch, then you probably use it in everything and the name buffalo ranch fries is enough to bring you to the table. However, it is not just ranch that is poured on these fries. It has a combination of two sauces, ranch, and original hot sauce put on seasoned fries.

Don’t be scared of the hot sauce. It does have a small kick to it but it is balanced out by the ranch. Plus, it is not as spicy as you think. There are way spicier sauces on the menu. The original hot sauce comes somewhere in the middle. In addition, the creamy texture of the ranch is more dominating on the side at Wingstop.  

5. Cheese Fries

These set of fries do say cheese but they are much more than that. The sauce mix in these fries has a little jalapeno in it which provides a tiny kick into the creamy flavor of cheese. The cheese sauce is not that popular when you are ordering wings but it does go well with the seasoned fries, making the two basic flavors shine much better together.

However, it goes well if you want to order the wingstop chicken sandwich as your main dish. The combination might not be your first choice but it does make a wholesome meal to enjoy any time of the day.

6. Fresh Baked Rolls

These rolls are as plain as you can get. They are like dinner rolls or the bread you may find at any local store. However, the thing that makes them interesting is that you can pair them with wings and dipping sauces and you will have an interesting taste in your mouth.

Wingstop Review does suggest that this side is basic but what it does not tell you is that you can make alterations! You can call pair it with boneless wings or tenders as your main dish and turn it into a small burger. Pour some dipping sauce over the top and you have a slider that you can eat as your evening snack.

If you follow a strict keto diet, then the options for keto at wingstop sides are limited. You may not be able to try any fries because they are high in carbs. Similarly, if you want the wingstop gluten free menu, we do suggest asking before you visit the location and seeing if they can cook any items for you.

Wrapping Up!

While there are many other items on the menu, this is the list that we consider the best sides at Wingstop. These sides include a variety of items so you can enjoy a bit of everything. However, it is no surprise that the wings and fries are the major star runners of the brand. Nonetheless, you can always try something out of the ordinary!

If you want to do your own experiment with the sides, you can always use the wingstop promo code 10 off entire order. The discount can help you try more options at a limited price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Flavors for Wingstop?

It depends on your personal taste and your tolerance of spice level. The brand offers a wide range of sauces that you can have poured all over your wings. They range from spicy to mild. However, some of the popular ones are Garlic Parmesan, Hawaiian, Lemon Pepper, Louisiana Rub, Original Hot, and Mild.

Does New York Have Wingstop?

Yes, there is a Wingstop location in New York. You can find it at 8th Ave & W 55th St, New York.

Why Are Wingstop Fries So Good?

The secret is in the seasoning. Although the fries are cut by hand and fried by professionals, the taste comes out of the seasoning. It is guaranteed to make your tastebuds tickle with the sweet and savory flavor.

Why Do People Like Wingstop?

People do come for the wings but it is the variety of sauces that makes the wings the star of the show. With a huge list of sauces available, you can choose from mild to hot and sweet to savory to make a killer combo of wings and sauce. Plus, there are other sides like fries that are popular on the menu too.

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