How Much Is an Oil Change at Take 5 – Get All the Updates!

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How Much Is an Oil Change at Take 5 – Get All the Updates!

Oil change prices vary all around the country. You will find some states to carry a different price tag while others to carry a totally different price. This may trouble you in the beginning but once you get an idea of the rates, you can easily know if you are being scammed.

As for brands like Take 5, you will find their prices almost the same across the country unless there are some regulations involved within the state. In that case, you may use the take 5 oil change coupon to get a hold of a discounted oil change every once in a while. However, if coupons are not on your list, then you still cannot escape the oil change that is part of regular car maintenance. We suggest that you keep a budget aside for your vehicle’s maintenance.

Coming back to the rates, you will know all about the current rates for oil changes at Take 5 in this blog. Moreover, you will find some handy tips to stay well-informed on the topic to keep yourself away from potential scams. Plus, you will find the kinds of oils Take 5 uses and the additional services you can request apart from an oil change. So, let’s start right away!

How Much Does the Oil Change Cost at Take 5?

When we talk about oil changing rates at Take 5, the first query by the people expressed is usually why is take 5 oil change so expensive. But that is a given because there are many factors involved in an oil change price. Some of them include the brand’s name, additional services added to the oil changing service, the location of the oil changing station, and such factors. This may affect the prices of the oil change significantly.

However, how much is take 5 oil change, you will find the current price list displayed by them:

  • 5 Minute Conventional at $41.93.
  • Castrol GTX Ultra Clean at $41.93.
  • Castrol GTX High Mileage at $56.93.
  • Castrol GTX Magnatec (blend) at $58.93.
  • Castrol Edge Extended Performance (synthetic) at $84.99.
  • Castrol Edge (synthetic) at $76.93.

If we are talking about the traditional oil change, it may cost around $49.99. As for how much is a take 5 full synthetic oil change, it is around $79.99. The reson that the synthetic oil is more expensive than the traditional oil is because of the benefits involved with the use of synthetic oil.

It creates less friction around the engine parts, has more durability even in extreme temperatures because it does not break down as fast the traditional oil, and it is designed to enhance the overall performance of the vehicle. This is not just the reason that it is costlier but also why it is preferred by many people for their vehicles. However, not all cars are compatible with the traditional oil. So, you must seek expert advice on the matter before you make a big purchase.

Types of Oil You Will Find at Take 5 During an Oil Change!

If you are curious about the kinds of oils that the brand uses, here is a list that you can consider that tells you the quality material they utilize during an oil change. The first three are usually found in almost all of the brands’ services. The kind of oil that your car needs depends on the make and model of the car and its mileage. Make sure you consult before you purchase.

1. Traditional Oil

This is made up of petroleum and other impurities. It is cheaper than synthetic oil and can offer adequate functioning to keep the vehicle running. It will do its job in removing the friction and offering sufficient smoothening of the running engine but it is not preferred over synthetic oil. This is because it breaks down faster in extreme heat which may produce friction within the engine. You will have to maintain regular oil-changing checks to keep the vehicle in top shape.

2. Pure Synthetic Oil

This is purely synthetic oil that is made in the laboratory purely to enhance the overall functioning of the vehicle. It creates less friction over the engine and has a longer life because it does not break down that easily. You can keep this oil running in your engine for a long time without changing it because it can survive under extreme temperatures. Plus, you can protect your engine against wear due to its strong functioning capability and performance. Due to its multiple benefits, it is priced higher than the traditional oil.

3. Synthetic Blend Oil

This is a mixture of both pure synthetic oil and conventional oil. You will find it priced between traditional oil and synthetic oil which makes it a budget-friendly option for drivers. Just like its price, it is fairly better than the traditional oil but does not offer the same benefits as the synthetic oil that is pure. You will find many different types of synthetic blend oils that may differ from one another based on their proportions. Some of them carry a different ratio of traditional and synthetic oil than others, making them unique from the other types.

4. High Mileage Oil

Some of the car models have a higher mileage than others which may cross 50,000 miles or even 75,000 miles. It depends on the make and model of your vehicle. However, even if there is such a case, then your car may need a special type of oil known as the high mileage oil. It is designed to be much more effective against extreme temperatures and can help the vehicle fight against oil burn-off. In addition, due to the high temperatures, the vehicle carries a tendency to wear off because of the high functioning of the engine. But with the high mileage oil, you can protect your car against such wear and increase the longevity of your car with ease. Take 5 provides such a service too for special vehicles like this which have a high mileage.  

What Services Can You Expect at Take 5?

At Take 5, you are not just getting an oil change. You can get many more other services that can lift the physical appearance of your car. Plus, it is always better to keep your vehicle maintained. If you leave your car unattended for a long time, it may become damaged which will cost you much more than a simple oil change. Hence, try to keep your vehicle under maintenance with regular checks by experts to avoid any such burdening expense on you and your savings.

When we talk about professional car maintenance services, Take 5 is one of the leading brands where people like to go. The take 5 oil change reviews will tell you the same about how they are regular customers of the brand and like the additional services they offer along with oil changes. Here is a list of services that you can try for your vehicle’s maintenance too.

1. Oil Change

The first and foremost is the oil changing service. Take 5 takes a lot of care when it comes to oil change services. They are one of the most popular brands offering the Stay-In-Your-Car oil change. You can bring in your vehicle, stay put in your car, and let the experts move all around you to get the oil change done. All of this would be done within 10 minutes by the time you park your car for an oil change. This is exactly why Take 5 is famous; they claim to get the fastest oil change done.

You won’t have to worry about any miscommunication or misdemeanor. The team is professional who have adequate knowledge and expert training in handling your car and in providing the optimal oil change. They have years of experience on their hands and certified training that should keep you satisfied with their services. On top of that, they will ask anything from you within the car if that is needed. You won’t have to get out of the car at all!

2. Car Wash

Another important thing in car maintenance is the car wash. You cannot go without a car wash for too long. There are too many infectants out there that may ruin the physical appearance of your car. Plus, if it gathers too much dust, then your car may look out of place at any site, whether it be an office or somebody’s home. Especially if it is an office, you will not be regarded as professional taking a dusty and dirty car to and from the location. This is why a car wash is essential.

Luckily, Take 5 offers car washing services. The best part is that they have multiple packages for car wash so that you can get the best one according to your budget and needs. You will find these packages to consist not just of a car washing service, but attached with multiple other services that you can pick.

The company claims that they remove 7 types of problems with the help of a single but professional car wash. The reason they say such a thing is because a car wash can eliminate any such issues that may affect the longevity of the car. If you opt to take a car wash, you will most likely increase the life of your car.

Their process for car washing is well-defined. There are four levels of car washing that can be applied to your car that go from mild to high to ensure no dirt is damaging your vehicle. You can pick any as per your desire. Then comes the shampoo wash to give your car the ultimate shine and sparkle it deserves. There are various materials used in the car washes. Some of them include wax services, rust protection materials, tire shine, and a spot-free clean level.

3. Wiper Blade Replacement

Wiper blades are an important part of a car especially when the rain is pouring down. If you live in a dry region, you would not find much need for it. But when it pours from the sky and you are trying to navigate your car along the roads, it becomes a hard bargain. On top of that, the condensation during winter also makes it hard to see through the windscreen and navigate your way on the roads. This is why you might not find a proper wiper blade necessary but it can prove to be very handy at times of an emergent situation.

Take 5 can help you get a wiper blade replacement within minutes. While you sit in the car, the experts can find their way through their work and fix your wiper blades for you if asked. However, you can always go and request a wiper blade replacement any time of the week, even if you are not looking for an oil change. Because they offer this service as a standalone service too. 

4. Engine Air Filter Replacement

A filter is another important part of a vehicle’s maintenance. Just like an oil filter, an air filter is just as necessary. An oil filter helps prevent dust and debris from collecting into the oil which may harm the smooth driving you are used to on the roads. It may create friction for your engine too that may harm its parts and leave it eventually damaged. As for an oil filter, it does the same by collecting debris and dust but it prevents the dust from going into the combustion chamber. This is important because if dust finds its way into this chamber, the motor may ultimately stop running, leaving your car in the garage for the weekend.

Hence, a clean filter is incredibly important to increase the longevity of your car and enhance the car’s performance. The best practice is to change it regularly so that even the dust that is captured by the filter does not overflow and leave the filter damaged and unable to do its function properly.

5. Fleet Services

If you are a company or an organization owning around 3 to 10 vehicles or more, you are entitled to having the fleet services from take 5 at a discount. You don’t have to be a normal driver to get these exceptional services for your car and maintain them accordingly. Your fleet service can also enjoy these professional services and oil changes within 10 minutes so that all of your vehicles are maintained regularly and at the same time.

They offer a flat program to such vehicles and their owners. If you carry 3 to 10 vehicles, then you can get a 10% off on customer service and a 15% off on products. It seems like a good deal if you are coming in bulk with your vehicles to get them maintained simultaneously.

Wrapping Up!

That is all you need to know about the oil changing services at Take 5 and how much they cost to an average owner. That’s not all. You can get additional services part from an oil change to keep your car in the best shape possible and keep it running for a good few years. It is not like you spent all that money on your precious car just to see it rot away in the garage or while driving, right? So, take advantage of these professional services and let the experts handle the job the right way. However, you can also opt to do the oil change manually but only if you are experienced in that domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Has the Best Oil Change Prices?

There are many brands that offer competitive prices for an oil-changing service. You will find them almost similar to one another. Some of the brands you can seek are Take 5, Firestone, Goodyear, and Jiffy Lube.

2. How Much Is 5 Quarts of Oil Change?

5 quarts of oil is usually the standard that is used for oil changes all around the country. You will find the rates of oil change mentioned against a 5 quart. When you get the 5-quart oil, you are requesting for 1.25 gallon of oil for your vehicle.

3. What Brand of Oil Does Take 5 Use?

It was announced recently that Take 5 uses DuraMAX oil in their oil-changing services for vehicles. However, you can always ask before you request for their oil change and know more about the kind and quality of oil they are using for your vehicle.

4. What Time Does Take 5 Oil Change Close?

Take 5 claims to do one of the fastest oil changes. They say that it takes only 10 minutes for them to be done with the whole process while you wait inside the car.

5. What Time Does Take 5 Oil Change Open?

The whole process takes around 10 minutes.

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