Why is Amazon Prime No Longer Offering 2-Day Shipping and What to Do about It?

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Why is Amazon Prime No Longer Offering 2-Day Shipping and What to Do about It?

As soon as you click on that ‘Confirm Order’ button the wait for your new products to come to your home begins. This anticipation to open the new packages, breathe in the fresh air of newly opened gadgets and to enjoy the Prime Day sales spending grows with each passing day. But the real curiosity begins when you realize Prime day no longer offers its 2-day shipping promise. You might not be aware of this change hence must be upset about your product not reaching you within two days, but they do have several reasons for not offering the Prime Day 2-Day swift shipping anymore.

So if you are wondering why am I not getting 2 day shipping with amazon prime? Then realize that you are not alone in this. All the avid amazon shoppers and prime day lovers are suffering from this issue of missing the 2-day shipping and if you are a bit angry about this change then that’s okay too. So while prime members wonder how to get ready for amazon prime day, when will amazon 2-day shipping return also has become a frequently asked concern. In this article you will find out all you need to know the reasons behind cancellation of 2-day shipping by amazon prime.

Why Is Prime Not Delivering in 2 Days 2022?

Many people must be wondering that the 2-day shipping not happening might just be a fault of prime day 2022. But the bad news is this is just how amazon prime day will work from now on. And this isn’t because the routes have become longer or the delivery services like UPS and USPS have become slower but the delay in prime day shipping is mainly because of amazon itself. And as the 2-day shipping has now become not just 3 but 6 or 7 day affair so lots of prime members who are paying a $140 per year for the prime membership are becoming angry, and don’t you think it’s only fair to get upset about this?

Imagine not being able to see what you got from the Prime day hot offers up until the next week maximum. What if you got something really urgent from the Top Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2023 that ought to make you angry?

And when it comes to the reason behind this delay, It is all Amazon's fault because they now claim that the "2-day shipping guarantee" only applies to the time between when they process your order and ship it. Therefore, if it takes them a few days to package it and send it, it will typically take 5 days to arrive at your house.

Here is How to Deal with the Prime Day Not Offering 2-Day Shipping

If Amazon can just steal the 2-day shipping happiness like that so there is a lot you can do too. Rather than just sulking yourself in the worry of why isn’t amazon prime 2 day shipping anymore valid, there are a lot of measures you can take to save yourself from future disappointment.

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Use the 1-Month Refund Policy for Prime Membership

If you wish to know how and when your product will be delivered to you it is wise to contact amazon and ask straight up. Ask them to run your zip code through their system to confirm whether your address is eligible for 2-day delivery before you provide it to them.

Yes, 2-day Prime delivery is available for the majority of addresses. If your address is eligible, you already know EXACTLY WHY you aren't receiving deliveries within two days.

Because Amazon can't fulfil their half of the promise, they should be held accountable. This is when you take use of the Prime membership benefit of a one-month membership refund (about $10) since Amazon can't keep their promise.

Doing this by calling the customer representative is an easy-peasy job with you achieving a refund in no less than 10 minutes. So why not earn some money as you wait for your much awaited package. After all there should be some payback for working so hard on following this tricks and tips to prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023

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The Pandemic Issue

In the year 2019, 2020 and 2021, due to closure of many businesses amazon suffered a hit of demand. Most of the physical in-store shopping was done at amazon too so the brand apologized for delay in delivery times due to high number of orders being places.

However, with the majority of the nation's retailers now reopening and the economy improving, internet buying is much less popular.  However, Amazon is still unable to resolve their order backlog problems. The fact that Amazon wants to attribute the problem to the epidemic and the rise in online shopping demand is what irritates many customers the most.

This argument was quite convincing in 2019 and 2020, however it is no longer true now that a pandemic is a global health emergency. According to one theory, Amazon was losing money on the 2-day shipping guarantee and is now taking advantage of the present predicament to completely discontinue the rapid shipping guarantee.

Amazon Business Account

In the search for best Amazon Prime Day deals 2023 and every year so we have forgotten to trust or rely on any other than just the Amazon Prime. Whilst the prime reason and customers going crazy over it has its own reasons, the Amazon business account is yet another attraction when you realize it is offering the 2-day shipping. Yes, one of the customers commented how he has an amazon business account and is enjoying 2-day shipping long before the Prime Day.

It's intriguing that his "regular Prime account" is limited to a delivery time of 4–7 days.

Setting up an Amazon business account can be worthwhile because it is free to sign up for one and offers quantity savings. In case you were wondering why he may receive free shipping for COVID-related items, it's vital to realize that the company is unrelated to COVID.

Will Prime Day 2-Day Shipping Return?

Technically, Prime still offers 2-day delivery. However, Amazon began giving important purchases precedence over ordinary orders in 2020. Significantly more orders were submitted, which led to delays since they were unable to hire enough staff to meet the demand.

As you can analyze, Amazon was just overloaded at one point. However, it has been making efforts to make sure it can live up to client expectations. After all, one of the primary reasons people joined Prime was for the speedy shipping. In reality, Amazon hired a sizable workforce in 2020 to handle the problem.

Why Did Amazon Get Rid of 2-Day Shipping?

Why Did Amazon Get Rid of 2-Day Shipping?

A major reason for loving the prime membership, the prime day deals and the 2 day shipping. Although you can get the prime day deals by temporarily signing up at amazon but 2 –day shipping is what made many customers stick to the prime day membership all year long. So it’s only common to wonder why amazon got rid of its wonderful 2-day shipping policy.

Amazon kept its 2-day delivery option. It continues to be a feature of its Prime subscription service. However, beginning in 2020, Amazon gave priority to important orders over other orders, which resulted in the postponement of several Prime deliveries.

You may simply verify this information on the company's website. Just that the business has had trouble delivering on its promise. These were made worse by the epidemic because, as would be expected, there was a sharp increase in demand for goods brought on by the general sense of unease. The demand was simply too much for Amazon to handle! During the lockdown, it had to concentrate on important orders.

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Why Amazon Prime Shipping Has Become Slow?

Why Amazon Prime Shipping Has Become Slow?

This trend of delayed shipping by amazon began mainly during the pandemic. In 2020 amazon declared that the store will be prioritizing essential orders over the regular and not so urgent orders. So the home use items like household, medical, groceries all moved up the list while home décor, electronics, fashion and beauty moved later down the list. This was mainly done to address the huge traffic flow of orders and deliver things in order of necessity.

The following orders were designated as important by the major retailer:

  • Baby supplies
  • Household and health
  • Personal care and cosmetics
  • Industrial and scientific groceries
  • Pet equipment.

Though this doesn’t mean amazon was just up making excuses for late delivery of products but the retailer hired indeed a huge number of force to deal with this backlog in orders efficiently. As per report amazon hired more than 400,000 people in 2020 to meet the demand of increased online orders and to ensure easy and swift management of Amazon orders to eliminate delay.

What Happens When Amazon Doesn’t Deliver on Said Time?

What Happens When Amazon Doesn’t Deliver on Said Time?

A giant retailer like amazon keeps customer satisfaction as its top priority so there is definitely a lot that amazon does to manage the delays in order and to prevent customers from getting frustrated. For starters, if certain conditions are met, customers may be entitled to a refund if Amazon fails to deliver by a certain date. Nevertheless, the purchase is often delivered within 24 to 48 hours of the scheduled delivery date without a refund being given.

But before you expect a claim it is important to know what exactly is the expected date set by Amazon for order delivery. As the name suggests, this is the day the retailer guarantees that your orders will be delivered. In other words, Amazon offers guaranteed delivery dates on some goods (not all), sometimes for a price. On the checkout page and in the order email, both are conspicuously stated.

However to ensure your order is guaranteed to be delivered on time and to be eligible for a refund there are some conditions set by amazon:

  • The shipping option mentioned on a product detail page is the one used for the chosen shipping method.
  • Order is being delivered to the correct address.
  • The order should be places before the "order within" countdown stated on the checkout page. The "order within" countdown timer shows you how much time you have to place your order in order to have your delivery by the indicated date.
  • Shipping selection "Ship my items as they become available" will be chosen if your order includes items that are not eligible for guaranteed delivery.
  • Before the cutoff time shown on the checkout page, your credit or debit card must be successfully charged.
  • If they fail to deliver on time due to an unforeseen event beyond their control, such as a strike, natural disaster, or severe winter storm, the guarantee does not apply.

Does Amazon Give Accurate Expected Delivery Dates?

Does Amazon Give Accurate Expected Delivery Dates?

Yes, it is rare for amazon to deviate from the delivery date it has given. So in other words, it can be said, amazon offers accurate delivery dates up to 95% of the time. Also, there are many instances when orders are delivered actually before the estimated date but for cases when delivery is delayed the items either fall into the list of non-essential items or bumped lower due to high traffic of orders.

How to Speed Up the Amazon Prime Delivery Process?

How to Speed Up the Amazon Prime Delivery Process?

Amazon prime comes with the benefit of expedited delivery but they also have an additional way to help you enjoy swift shipping. This though comes with a little fee that you will be paying. Here is how you can book an amazon delivery with a sped up delivery process.

  • Find your order by going to your orders.
  • Change shipment speed by clicking
  • To choose a different day and hour, click.
  • Choose a more convenient day for you from the drop-down calendar.
  • Select "Confirm"

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