Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021: Gear Yourself Up For the Greatest Shopping Experience

Mar 30, 2021   |   7 min read


Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021: Gear Yourself Up For the Greatest Shopping Experience


Amazon is undoubtedly the first word associated that comes in our minds when we think or hear about a great online shopping experience. The wide choice of products, the sea of reliable sellers, the genuine interface and great customer service, all are pretty good reasons why everyone turns to Amazon whenever a need pops up. But the prime day deals pretty much seal the deal! The amazon prime day is one of the most awaited events throughout the year.

In some cases it is more valued and awaited than Black Friday (we understand why). The prime day deals from amazon are a dream come true for users. While it is not only the chance to surf your favorite online store and wish you could have waited few weeks to purchase something that is on huge sale now, it is also a day for which you need to plan ahead.

To get yourself the best of amazon prime day deals here is a complete guide of what, when, how and what not to do on amazon prime day.

What Is Amazon Prime Day?

what is amazon prime day

To put it simply, Prime day is not a single day but the special 48 hours where prime members can make the most of their prime status. These 48 hours on amazon experience the biggest cut on prices and mark the biggest sale of the year. This day was initially started in 2015 when amazon went through a way to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Though it happened for 24 hours but the upsurge in sales experienced in those 24 hours made amazon realize how much the store could earn with just a prime event, and the rest is history.

Owing to the success witnessed in 2015, this event happens every year only for the prime members and as discussed before it is one of the most anticipated retail holiday. As noted of prime day last year amazon experienced a 45% increase in its sales and broke all of its own records. So there seems to be no reason why amazon wont have a prime day event this year.

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Reasons to Wait For Amazon Prime Day 2021?

amazon prime day 2021

To be a part of amazon prime day deals you have to be a prime member so how about finally getting that long planned prime membership or maybe start with a 30 day free trial? Though it seems like amazon prime day is your only chance to get discounts but thats not the case. Why wait when you can score now. After all amazon best deals are always up for grabs.

However to bring forward a reason why you should wait for amazon prime day is that every year the sale gets bigger and better. As last year amazon made over $10.4 billion worth good sales which has been the biggest of all times so who are we to say that the records wont be broken this year? After all as the pandemic has taken a little shift down everyone needs a little relaxation to make themselves feel better.


When Is Amazon Prime Day 2021?

amazon prime day 2021 deals

Though amazon has a way with secrets and does not tend to announce the prime day till only few weeks earlier but this year the prime day is expected in early July. As opposed to the 2020 when pandemic affected everything and also shifted the prime day till late October, there is no reason why prime day wont happen in July when it usually does.

So as you get all jittery to enjoy the prime day dont forget to observe, analyze and get your facts right before the prime day.

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Where Does The Amazon Prime Day Happen?

The United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, and Austria all participated in the first Amazon Prime Day and got the best of prime day deals. Since then, Amazon Prime Day has grown in popularity. Prime deals were held in 18 nations last year, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Singapore, Austria, Canada, China, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Mexico, Luxembourg, Japan, Italy, India, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates.

However there is not a fixed pattern as to how long amazons prime day and prime day deals will last because initially it had been only for 24 hours (hence the prime DAY), but in 2017 it was extended to 30 hours, in 2018 the duration was recorded 36 hours and in 2019 it reached to 48 hours as well as in 2020. But since there is no fixed duration maybe its a sales response thing. How about getting ready and shop in the early hours rather than waiting till the end until your anxiety gets all riled up?

What Happened On the Last Year Amazon Prime Day?

amazon prime day

One of the most memorable prime day ever with best prime day deals, last year amazon prime day had broken all of its previous records. It happened on 13th and 14th of October and maybe its because people have been all amped up till July but amazon experience an approximately 50% rise in sales and there was a $3 billion rise in sales despite of the extra limitations in shipping and delivery due to the pandemic. Talk about the prime day deals making an impact!

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Best Prime Day Deals Last Year

While so many items were sold with the prime day deals last year amazons findings declare one of the top selling items remained the amazons own devices. As well as the apple devices as you know Apple and Amazon go hand in hand and there is not a single reason why Apple lovers shouldnt trust the Amazon prime day deals and the whopping discounts it brings for them.

The iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum, Life Straw Personal Water Filter, LEGO Star Wars Storm trooper Helmet, Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II wireless headphones, and Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch were among the other best-selling items. Robot vacuum cleaners, in particular, were a popular item as witnessed by Amazon.

Even though the last year deals are so last year but how about a little warm up before you actually see the discounts happening this year. Who knows what a sudden surprise would do to a weak hearted person? Brace yourselves!

  • As promised, Amazon had the best toys deals last year too. Many toy stores such as Disney, Melissa and Doug, Hasbro, Star Wars and Funko offered a $10 off from your entire purchase as you spend $50. This $10 discount on every $50 is a great deals. Especially even wonderful to get on toys.
  • 50% off on Air Pods? Yes that happened. For all those apple lovers who have been waiting to get their hands on this expensive piece of technology, these noise cancellation and water resistance air pods are great for your workout.
  • During the last year Amazon Prime Day, MacBook had a $150 discount on the original price. For those tech geeks and laptop lovers this product sold hand to hand.
  • Another great product on 50% off, the Echo dot being one of the most sold products on prime day deals delivers great quality, design and amazing sound experience.

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

best amazon prime day deals

For those who think amazon prime day deals are all about furniture, electronics and gadgets, think again! Remember when you heard amazon is A to Z, a full lifestyle store for you? They meant it. One of the best Amazon prime day deals are the amazon owned organic grocers.

Amazon has granted Prime members who shop at Whole Foods a $10 Amazon credit that can be used on Amazon Prime Day for the past three years. Not only this the prime day deals also include great discounts on almost all the grocery items whether its meat, seafood chicken organic produces, whole foods, grains and everything and anything you would want in a store to sum it up amazon prime day deals are a great treat nor for children only, neither adults, nor even tech geeks but everyone! Here are some of the prime day deals to wait for in 2021.

Prime Day Deals on TV

TCL 4K Android TV is one of the most epis televisions to ever come. With an almost discount of $150, prime day offers this amazing TV for all of its prime customers. Time to get ready to see those HD Graphics.

The gorgeous Sony ultra HD TV with Alexa ready to take your commands. This 55 inches TV will make you home a theater and there be any need to purchase those expensive cinema tickets. Get your popcorns ready for movie adventures this prime day.

The crystal UHD TV from Samsung is something every lavish home deserves. Although we dont see a reason for you to wait till Prime day as it already has a great deal of discount on it.

Prime Day Deals on Laptops and Gadgets

The New Apple Mac Book Pro does not need any reason to be purchased. It is stylish, it is smart and has all the right features. It is also one of the bestselling items on prime day deals although it still has a great discount right now.

Rated as Amazons choice this is a deal not to be missed on prime day. The HP Chromebook with 14 inch HD display is going to make work for home a breeze for you. Dont forget to enjoy amazing graphics and super-fast processor with this laptop.

The Acer Aspire 1 from prime day deals is a great laptop for your everyday use. It can cover up all your work from home or even office needs, provide you a great battery life for streaming those long movies and binge watch sessions as well as comes with a great deal of accessories. You will get HDMI cable, Extension cord and mouse pad. You know what else you will get? A great save of over $100.

We all want that cool Apple Watch on our wrists, its about time you make that purchase. And with the prime day deals this year, there is no better opportunity shop. Or maybe even now? It is on discount right now.

To get even better adrenaline rush during your jog in the morning or evening the Bose noise cancelling headphones are on a limited time offer to make the best. It is already at a great discount of $500, imagine the discount on prime day deals? Although that is no reason to wait.

One of the best Apple Deals last year is the Apple Air pods with the wireless charging case and this year the deals are same and even better. Now is your chance to enjoy those musical sounds to the core as it a whole experience on its own. Dont miss out!

Prime Day Deals on Furniture

Things you need to buy from amazon prime day deals this year? A lot of furniture. Owing to the chaos last year not many people focuses don investing on furniture in their homes. So the sales are going to be huge.

A Great Table for your work from home corner will make working environment more professional for you. After all you were looking for a safe place to store those documents and set your PC. How about pairing it with a Leather Chair so your back can finally rest.

While we are at resting backs, this great matters deal from Lucid Hybrid Mattress series is a great deal to catch. And for this you wont have to wait till prime day deals are live. It still offers you great saves.

Prime Day Deals on Toys

Get the Marvel Avengers action figures at 30% off. Time to hoard up that collection of your favorite superheroes.

Purchase as many Barbie dolls as you want as they are on a great discount of 40% off.

Looking for a Lego set for your kids? The prime day deals offer more than 50% off on toys. But we heard that Lego toys are up and running with some of the best limited time offer right now.

How to Find the Prime Day Best Deals?

prime day best deals

Most people read the word ˜Sale and get all excited. While sales are just a way of selling more products and reduce the profit margin most of the times it is a ruse. Not with amazon prime day where deals are very promising and absolutely real, but even shopping on sale requires some basic skills and rules to adhere by.

The number one rule is to price check everything before adding it into your cart. Many times we see the tag 50% off and get all sold. This impulsiveness is not always a good thing. Price check can help you realize the price difference obtained before and after the sale. If you dont remember checking the price before, dont worry, there are several tools that do the job.

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The second rule is to not to depend on amazon solely. Although it seems contradictory after speaking so much about the prime day and its amazing deals, simply sticking to a same brand for all the purpose sounds weird and that is why we are asking you to explore. Just because prime day is popular even more popular than Justin Bieber does not mean you should not check other stores for a refrigerator you have been meaning to buy for so long now.

The third rule is not to be sold too quickly. We are talking about you, dont drool over those recently released technology gadgets even if they are at great price now. Chances are they will get even better discounts when the prime day approaches.

Another great rule of shopping on always and we all must memorize it is; Just because its on sale does not mean you need it. Repeat with us as many times as you need too. Since sales are a way to clear up the stock dont fall for the trap and spend more than necessary. Remember those jumpsuits or those sneakers you bought on sale some years ago and didnt wear more than twice? Yeah thats what we are talking about.

How to Get Ready For Amazon Prime Day Sales?

First things first, be a prime member. However if you are not a prime member amazon allows prime members on 30 days free trial a full access to the prime day deals. Just make sure you plan your 30 day free trial wisely so it does not end way before the prime day actually happens.

Prime Day Deals Vs Black Friday Deals

prime day deals vs black friday deals

The only day when people get all crazy over the huge sales has been black Friday for years and to many people its still the same. After all not everyone is a prime member and black Friday doesnt need you to have a prime status. But the truth these amazon prime day is a huge as a deal as of black Friday. Like it or not but finally there is someone coming close to Black Friday when it comes to amazing deals. But what is better? To summarize it, this totally depends on what you are looking for.

First, Prime Day is an Amazon event. This means that on Amazon Prime Day, the best discounts are available on Amazon goods. Amazon Echo smart speakers, Fire TVs and streaming devices, kindle e-readers, Audible, and Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions are all expected to be discounted.

Black Friday on the contrary is an international event that happens at almost all the stores and you can purchase anything and everything from different retailers. This gives you more options as well as a wide choice on big products like expensive home appliances.

So if you are shopping for something more frequently then prime day is a great choice because it puts tiny to huge sales while on black Friday the bigger the better. Since the sale comes up once a year so rather save it for something that could use a little competition and specificity. For example a television from a famous brand or a refrigerator you have eyeing for months now. And also, the best thing about black Friday? The black Friday coupons!